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Web3 Marketing – What Works in 2024?

Web3 Marketing – What Works in 2024?

This guide will discuss what works in 2024 for Web3 marketing. Throughout the guide, you will discover ten tools and techniques for building an effective blockchain marketing campaign.  All of these tools and techniques are available at Bitmedia marketing agency.

Bitmedia has built a successful track record in promoting blockchain brands through revolutionary targeting, display advertising, driving community engagement, and PR distribution. This guide will delve into the opportunities made possible by Bitmedia’s blockchain marketing experience. 

Grow Meaningful Community Engagement

Community building is the most obvious Web3 marketing advice. Yet, many brands still need to build communities that can convert into prospects. 

Bitmedia emphasizes a more refined approach for growing meaningful engagement in Web3 communities. Unlike Web2 communities, which rely on a one-way relationship between brands and users, Web3 communities rely on a symbiotic relationship between brands, users, and partnerships. 

Effective community building prioritizes a strong online presence on various platforms, including Web2 and decentralized social media channels. Meanwhile, these brands must also emphasize transparency and inclusivity for their community strategy to succeed. 

Foster Strategic and Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

Partnerships in Web3 marketing are essential for several reasons. New brands can acquire legitimacy from an established firm, increasing brand reach by tapping into the other brand’s audience and resource sharing. 

However, partnering for the sake of partnerships is not ideal for Web3 projects. In fact, if there is an industry that has to be more careful when collaborating, it is Web3. So much on the blockchain relies on transparency and trust; partnering with a brand can break or make a Web3 collaboration. 

Implement Tactical Press Release Distribution

A tactical and pragmatic press release campaign relies on a compelling narrative, thought leadership, strategic partnership with media outlets, good writing, and crisis communication management. Press releases target raising awareness for new product launches, and announcing major partnerships or new funding rounds.

According to Cision, a press release is the number 1 resource for generating content ideas compared to industry experts, internal spokespersons, email pitches, and external PR. See the graph below: 

Leverage the Power of Web3 Influencers

Influencer marketing in Web3 has transformed brand engagement in a world where consumers increasingly crave an authentic voice. This is mainly because influencers provide a direct, fresh, and engaging method when creating content. Influencers have often devoted their content to providing education, breaking down complicated concepts, and introducing new products. Since their audiences perceive them as experts, spreading buzz around a project comes naturally. 

This blog post walks you through the process of selecting a suitable Web3 influencer. You will discover that your campaign goals, preferred marketing channels, and an influencer’s engagement statistics are the most important considerations for your campaign.

Capitalize on Generating Positive Hype and Buzz

Memecoins and Non-fungible Tokens are Web3’s SI standard for capitalizing on hype. Do you remember how every crypto news headline in 2021 touted an NFT record sale? 

Around this time, Web3 brands realized they could hype projects based on verifiable blockchain assets. These brands began to figure out the capabilities of Non-fungible tokens and how they could leverage them to appeal to a global audience. Good examples of brands that successfully build NFT-based Web3 promotion strategies include the Adidas – BAYC partnership, Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction NFTs, and Taco Food.

There are infinite avenues for crypto brands to build hype. Study how Bitmedia generated mass attention for this project on the Chainers Metaverse Story.

Tap on the Effectiveness of Banners and Display Ads

Display ads leverage visually appealing images and text to directly compel viewers into clicking a brand’s URL. Display ads come in different formats, either static, rich text, multi-images, or animated media. Being one of the oldest advertising formats of the century, advertisers must be creative with how they approach display advertising. 

In this guide, Bitmedia founder Matney Diadkov walks you through the top case studies of effective display advertisements for Web3 brands.

Selecting the proper ad channels for your brand’s display ads is also wise. Some suitable channels include Google Ads, Bing Ads, Linkedin, crypto media websites, gaming apps, and social media platforms. 

Pay Attention to User Targeting

There are several methods of user targetting in Web3 marketing. These include broad marketing, concentrated, geographic,  content-based, device, interest, and contextual targeting. 

Bitmedia’s marketing professionals also recommend retargeting users who have already interacted with your brand in the past. Meanwhile, marketers must pay attention to their targeting strategies and ensure they are not spending their budget on a disinterested user base. 

Create a Results-driven Content Strategy

Compelling content is the backbone of any lead-generation campaign in marketing. One challenge we’ve noted across many brands is creating content for content’s sake, leading to little value and no marketing impact. 

The answer to an effective content strategy involves raising brand awareness, building long-term trust, and boosting conversations. Your brand has to do something if its content strategy does not drive the above three results. This guide is a good start if you want to build a result-driven content strategy for your Web3 brand effectively. 

Leverage Onchain Data to Build Customized Experiences

Onchain data exists for a reason; one of those reasons is understanding the numbers behind blockchain activity. Marketers can leverage blockchain data such as token trading history, wallet transactions, collectible ownership, and trading history. These insights shed light on user preferences regarding various airdrops, collectibles, gaming models, optimization methods, and effective partnerships. 

Select the Right Web3 Marketing Channels

There are infinite marketing channels today, from broadcast to streaming platforms,  internet media, social media platforms, outreach, paid promotion, influencers, and events. 

Some popular Web3 marketing channels include YouTube and crypto promotion. Marketing agencies usually leverage existing influencers on these channels to relay their message. The message could be a product launch announcement, educating users, or generating buzz around a new product. Web3 events are also excellent channels for promoting a Web3 project. Examples of events in Web3 include conferences, hackathons, and meetups. 

Selecting proper Web3 marketing channels relies on a list of considerations, these include: 

  • Your brand’s marketing goals
  • Experience of your preferred marketing agency/partner
  • Available services and offerings. 
  • Industry connections and networks
  • Opportunities for collaboration and synergy
  • Your marketing budget and agency’s pricing

Where to Buy Gambling Traffic in 2024  is a detailed guide by Bitmedia that digs into the process of audience acquisition for gambling platforms. It is a worthwhile read for anyone who wants to understand how Bitmedia implements a blend of marketing strategies to generate buzz for Web3 casinos and betting brands.

Wrapping Up

Effective Web3 marketing relies on the above-discussed methods: community engagement, industry partnerships, press release distribution, influencers, generating hype, display/banner ads, compelling content, on-chain data, targeting, and the appropriate distribution channels. 

However, the effectiveness of these methods boils down to the expertise of your brand’s marketing department or the track record of your marketing partners. A web3 marketing agency can make a good partner for your crypto marketing strategy and help guide your brand toward gaining market traction. 

One particular marketing agency that has been making industry moves since the early years of Bitcoin is Bitmedia. 

Take a look at case studies

Bitmedia has successfully launched marketing campaigns for dozens of blockchain brands as an early entrant, including: Chainers, Coins.Game, Stoic, Remint, 8Bit, Bitcarra and others. As the largest crypto display ad network, Bitmedia has also delivered tailored features and crypto marketing tools across various advertising formats, namely, HTML5 banners, responsive ads, text ads, and image banners. The marketing agency also provides influencer marketing, user targeting, content creation, and distribution services.