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Bitcoin advertising done right!

Looking for the best way to advertise your cryptocurrency business and reach new audience? In need of a one-stop solution to bitcoin advertising?

This is where can help! The leading crypto advertising platform that on a daily basis helps hundreds of businesses grow by providing cost-efficient, yet effective coin ad solutions.

You are 1 minute away from opening your cryptocurrency project to the world!

Increased bitcoin traffic aside, you also get:

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Simple and quick onboarding

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Easy and explicit way to buy cryptocurrency ads

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Involved audience

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High-quality traffic and leads

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Effective ads at affordable prices

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Responsive support

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Extensive bitcoin ads targeting options

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Convenient payment methods

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Tracking and control of click sources

Multiple ad formats:

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Display ads

Promote your crypto project, service or business and engage with the new audience via striking display ads. Reach out to specific user base or simply broadcast to the world.

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Responsive HTML5 ads

Drive a greater level of user engagement and attention with rich media crypto advertising, whilst we deliver it to your prospective user base and bring it to you.

Start growing your audience now!

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It is only a moment that separates your amazing crypto business from the audience and traffic it deserves! Why make them wait?

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The leaders of the market choose us to run their bitcoin advertising campaigns

Join our amazing clients that already reach 30m+ audience PCM via our bitcoin advertising platform logo logo
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Your first bitcoin ads campaign is a few steps away


Create an account on our Bitcoin advertising network

We will send you an email to confirm it is really you.

Letter didn’t arrive? - check if the email you specified is correct. We usually advise trusted email services like Gmail or Yahoo.

Still no email? Don’t worry, just get in touch with our support team.

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Create a campaign

Name your new advertising campaign and see it pop up in the Campaigns list.

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Set up price limits and traffic adjustments

Our audience targeting settings include:

Geo targeting

Select regions or countries where your crypto ads will be shown. Be specific or go worldwide!

Device targeting

Dive deeper into ad parameters to promote on desktop, mobile or both!

Daytime targeting

Choose advertisement airtime hours.

Frequency capping

Specify the number of times your bitcoin ad must be displayed to the visitors of the website.

Ad re-run

Outline if your ad must be shown to those who have already clicked on it.

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Create ads

We support text, graphical and responsive ads.

Upload as many ad formats as possible, because the more image sizes you have of your bitcoin ads, the more impressions you are likely to get.

Choose the click price. Our minimum coin ad click price is 0.0000205 BTC, but you can choose a higher bid, to improve the number of impressions your crypto ads get.

Done? Click create an ad to send your campaign to the administrators for review. Congrats, your advertisement will be approved within 24 hours.

Find out more about our advanced ad placement and targeting options here.

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Top up your account

Fund your BitMedia account with BTC. Think of it as a general wallet, that lets you top up existing and new campaigns or withdraw funds.

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Top up your campaign

Delegate and transfer funds from your main BitMedia account to your new campaign, or add more to an existing one.

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Activate ads

Well done! You have just launched your new bitcoin ads campaign! Get ready to welcome your new audience!

You deserve the highest quality of bitcoin ad distribution and it is exactly what Bitmedia is known for! Access the best audience, coin traffic and most detailed statistics on the most complete cryptocurrency ads platform.

Interested in being a publisher? Find out more here

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Join Bitmedia to boost your bitcoin business!

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