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Purchasing an advertisement has never been so easy!

What exactly does BitMedia do?

This is a niche platform, which allows Bitcoin resource owners to buy and sell thematic traffic. 

BitMedia - is an advertising platform, which is created within Bitcoin community.

Why BitMedia?

It’s quite simple – we are the best in this field.
Our team has years of experience in online advertising:

Easy in use and comprehensive interface.

The highest rates of conversion and quality in our segment!

And of course, fast, convenient and anonymous Bitcoin Payments!

Only quality traffic - we always follow our sources and double check advertisers (manually and automatically).

Big Data technologies allow to sustain any load and handle any traffic without a delay!


and buy an advertising

How to make money with BitMedia?

You have to Sign up
Place an inquiry and
fill in the application form
We process it
You place the code on your site
Start earning Bitcoins!

The highest bid per click in a niche is often more expensive than Google AdSense!

The lowest commission for advertisers - less than 10%!

Easy system to view and analyze statistics.

Regular payments without fees.

Create an account and make money