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Publisher approval criteria

Quality criteria

When approving websites and checking their quality after the approval we rely on the following criteria. If our prominent or existing publishers fail to comply with them, the Administration of Bitmedia reserves the right to take appropriate measures that comply with Publisher Terms of Service.

Anti-fraud measures

Bitmedia administration keeps checking the quality of clicks and impressions delivered by existing and prominent publishers by using its own automated and manual anti-fraud mechanisms. Should any violation of the following provisions be found, the Administration will have a right to take measures prescribed in Terms.

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Audience insights

It is prohibited for publishers to use any artificial or manual ways to get more clicks on their websites. All impressions and clicks shouldn’t be a result of incentive or encouragement, but should result from the interest of a real visitor.

Hence, the Administration prohibits using any kind of software or bots that generate fake clicks, automated clicks or repeated clicks made manually.

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Encouraging clicks

Bitmedia doesn’t approve websites that encourage users to click on ads or offers a compensation for that. Hence, we deny websites that contain:


Arrows that direct visitors attention to ads


Such phrases as “click on ads”, “support our website”, “visit this link”, “favourite sites”, “hot offer” etc. Still, such phrases, as “Sponsors”, “Advertisements” or similar are allowed


Notifications or messages offering compensation to visitors


Place ads in such a manner that will make them indistinguishable from the rest of the page content

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Prohibited content

Bitmedia ads are not allowed to be placed on websites, containing content that is prohibited. The following types of content are referred to prohibited content:


Adult content

Bitmedia ads are currently not allowed to be placed on websites that have adult content, mature content or porn.


Dangerous or derogatory content

Bitmedia ads may not be placed on websites with content that contains a threat to life of people, encourages anorexia, suicide or any other kind of harm to humans or animals, promotes hatred, violence or threat to others. Websites with content that harasses, discriminates or intimidates human beings because of their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, nationality, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or other characteristic that is associated with discrimination.


Illegal drugs and content related thereto


Violent content

Bitmedia ads are not allowed on websites containing images, videos or any other kind of visual or verbal description of fight scenes, accidents, tortures or anything similar to that.


Illegal content

Bitmedia ads are forbidden to be placed on resources that promote illegal activity, contain any kind of illegal information or violate international law.

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Traffic sources

Bitmedia doesn’t allow to place its ads on websites that receive traffic from such sources as:


Paid-to-click and incentive traffic services


Forbidden spam emails to internet users


Paid to surf


Click exchange and autosurf


Spam and forbidden ad formats, like popups or redirect

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Ad behavior

Bitmedia ad code is strictly prohibited to be modified as far as the modification be harmful to advertisers and have an impact on the performance of ads.

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Ad placement

Publishers are allowed to place ads in different ad formats on their websites. However, Bitmedia ads may not be placed in pop unders, popups, emails, any kind of software or chats.

It is also prohibited to place Bitmedia ads on websites that contain ads only and were created to place ads there.

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Site behavior

In order to eligible to place ads on their websites, the publisher should create websites that will be useful, clear and convenient for people and those that will attract audience. In particular, the websites containing Bitmedia ads:


Should be easy to navigate for users


Should have content, which is constantly being updated


Should contain no redirect on other pages


Should not change user preference settings


Shouldn’t initiate download


Be without any kind of malware software


Should not prevent users from easy navigation on the website

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Bitmedia ads can be placed on new websites only under condition that they have good and various traffic sources and origins. Apart from that, the new website should have plenty of good content.

For instance, websites that have two articles, written two days before the application or similar, shall not be approved. Apart from that, only working and finished websites are allowed to publish Bitmedia ads.