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    1. This agreement regulates the legal relationship between the Publisher of BitMedia website (hereinafter referred to as the Publisher) and the Administration of this website (hereinafter referred to as the Administration), arising in the process of using the services of this website. The agreement prescribes the basic rights and obligations of the parties, and responsibilities that arise in the case of a failure to fulfill obligations.
    2. The Publisher is a person who has reached a full age, registered on this site (opened an account), accepted the User Agreement, agreed with the privacy policy and passed the appropriate confirmation procedure in accordance with the conditions outlined in this agreement.
    3. The acquiring of the status of the Publisher does not deprive him of User status.
    4. The Administration is not responsible for the consequences caused by Publisher’s loss of his personal data. The Publisher is responsible for monitoring the security of his account.
    5. Before the beginning of the work, Publisher’s website passes manual verification. Upon verification the Administration may request analytic and traffic data of Publisher’s website.
    6. Incompliance with the conditions referred to in the paragraph 1.4 of this Agreement shall not constitute grounds for the refusal of Publisher’s registration; however, it might significantly reduce Publisher’s chances for registration.

    1. The User is allowed to place advertisements after the Publisher request he had submitted was approved by the Administration.
    2. During the registration, Publisher should specify a website or a resource on which his advertising will be placed.
    3. BitMedia does not require the confirmation of the websource ownership to place the ad blocks on the web site, subdomain or another place compliant with the law and Publisher Terms of BitMedia.
    4. If the ad blocks are placed illegally and there is either a proof thereof or the complain of the owner of the website, the administration reserves the right to resort to the following measures:
      • deactivate the ad bloсks
      • freeze the funds held on the account balances
      • block the account
    5. The only websites allowed for advertising are those related to Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies. If Publisher’s website is not related to Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies, the decision whether to approve such website is made on an individual basis.
    6. The Publisher is entitled to advertise only on the websites and resources, approved by the Administration. Advertisement will not be displayed on any other resources.
    7. The websites, that the Administration considers to be autodirects or contain many advertising banners, are not permitted for placing ads.
    8. It is forbidden to apply using an outside website or a website on which the Publisher does not intend to place his advertisement.
    9. Publishers that systematically violate the rules of advertisement publication and submission of applications may be blocked by the Administration.
    10. The Publishers that are inactive and do not place ads for a long time, may be deprived of the status of Publisher if the Administration decides so. If Publisher would like to place advertisements again he would have to pass the application procedure and approval by the Administration.
    11. The Publisher can control types and formats of advertising materials on his website using settings of ad units.
    12. The Publisher can choose what type of advertising content he allows to publish on his website.
    13. The Publisher has the right to place a few ad units on his page. Thus, it is allowed to place no more than three ad units in the visible part of the screen.
    14. The Administration may turn down Publisher`s request to place ads without giving an explanation.

    1. The Publisher is paid for each click or impression for allowing the placement of users’ advertisement on his website.
    2. The Administration pays money for serving ads through a hold-account, where the funds remain not less than 7 days. The Administration can change the abovementioned period unilaterally. In order to avoid traffic fraud, money is paid to a temporary account, and upon the expiration of 7 days from the date of enrolment, funds are transferred to Publisher’s main account.
    3. The Publisher should send a withdraw request before the transfer is released from the platform.
    4. The Administration reserves the right to decline the withdraw request in case they find it suspicious.
    5. The Administration reserves the right to carry out additional traffic quality checks and impose fines for the poor traffic quality in case they consider it necessary.
    6. The Administration reserves the right to freeze the balance of the User in case there is a suspicion of a breach in the current terms and conditions.
    7. Should the price of bitcoin be more than 20% higher than the one at the moment of receiving the funds on the main account, the publisher will be entitled to get the fiat equivalent of the payment on the day when it was charged.
    8. The Publisher is prohibited to send requests to Visitors of his site asking to click certain advertisements. The failure to comply with this rule will be considered by the Administration as a traffic fraud.
    9. All matters regarding the withdrawal of funds from the platform may be considered by the Administration on the case-by-case basis.

    1. By using this website, it is forbidden to use:
      • any kind of means of artificial traffic generation traffic;
      • any methods of artificial generation of traffic;
      • means of artificial traffic generation or any automated software imitating Users’ behavior;
      • traffic from TOR or any other anonymous networks;
      • traffic from a proxy, with the substitution of geo-location or replacement of browser data or HTTP-headers.
      The Administration will consider the use of this type of traffic a fraud.
    2. It is forbidden for Publishers to click on ads placed on Publishers’ own websites. In order to test the efficiency of the site, publisher should contact the customer service.
    3. It is forbidden to encourage or directly ask Users to click on the ad.
    4. In the case the violations of traffic use are detected, the following sanctions may be applied to the Publisher:
      • warning of the possible blocking and a request for providing analytics and re-sources of traffic;
      • deprivation of the status of Publisher;
      • blocking of advertising units and websites of the Publisher;
      • complete blocking of the User’s account;
      • cancellation of all available funds and their return to advertisers.
    5. In case of systematic violations or detection of multiple fraud traffic, account and all websites of the User may be added to the public black list without the right of rehabilitation.
    6. The decision to block an account or apply sanctions can be made by the Administration unilaterally, with or without explaining the reasons to the User.

    1. The Administration is not responsible for any damage or losses caused to the Publisher connected with hacking of his account and a theft of funds from his account.
    2. The Administration is not responsible to the Publisher or any third party for claims regarding the violation of intellectual property rights and the compensation of damages.
    3. In case of technical or any other problems related to the use of this website, the Publisher should contact the Administration immediately and clearly explain the problem. The Administration is committed to reply and make every effort to solve the problem within 5 days of the receipt of Publisher’s notice.
    4. All disputes arising between parties shall be settled through negotiations.