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Best-Performing Ad Strategies for Casinos: Coins.Game Case Study

Best-Performing Ad Strategies for Casinos: Coins.Game Case Study

This case study delves into an advertising campaign for Coins.Game that happened at Bitmedia.IO. The goal of this campaign was to generate new leads, using sophisticated targeting features, attract new users, elevate engagement with the existing ones and take advantage of crypto publishers’ traffic. Bitmedia’s key strategy was generating organic and inorganic traffic from various domains, finally optimizing them for better results. 

About Coins.Game

As a gaming and casino platform, Coins.Game delivers the latest play-to-earn (P2E) online slot games. The platform has its licensing from the Government of Curacao and is home to 3,000+ live dealers and table games. From a diverse game library to swift crypto transactions and a commitment to trust and transparency, Coins.Game has become a go-to destination for enthusiasts seeking a seamless gaming experience.

Coins.Game Features

Expansive Game Library

Coins.Game has a large selection of games to pick from. Thereby providing users with a rich gaming experience that appeals to their interests.

Multiple Payment Options and Fiat Solutions

The platform facilitates quick and secure cryptocurrency transactions, enhancing the overall efficiency of the gaming and payment processes. The company has fiat solutions for 15 countries (Brazil, Ukraine, Canada, India, Bangladesh, Russia, Azerbaijan, Kenya, Indonesia, Chile) and constantly expands this list.

Trust and Transparency

Coins.Game prioritizes trust and transparency, creating a secure environment for players to engage in their favorite games without concerns about the integrity of the platform.

Military-grade Security

As a platform that handles funds and personal information, Coins.Game has the latest security standards to prevent hacking incidents. 

24/7 Customer Support

Coins.Game is committed to providing convenient customer support and addressing user inquiries promptly and effectively.

Bonus System

The platform offers a rewarding bonus system, incentivizing players and fostering loyalty. Coins.Game bonus system gives users up to 300% deposit bonus without any limit for the first 4 deposits. Other bonus rewards include social giveaways, tournaments and prize drops. 

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Why Coins.Game?

– A Wide Range of Payment Solutions

The platform accommodates various payment methods, providing users with flexibility and convenience in managing their funds.

– A Vast Selection of Games

3,000+ games is a good selection for all types of players. As such, Coins.Game can easily appeal to different types of players, depending on what they love to play. 

– Personalized Approach to Every Player

The platform’s commitment to a personalized user experience ensures that each player feels valued and engaged.

– Active Participation in the Industry

Coins.Game actively contributes to the gaming industry, staying abreast of trends and innovations to continuously improve its offerings.

– The Affiliate Program

The platform’s affiliate program is designed to mutually benefit the platform and its partners, fostering a collaborative ecosystem.

About the Campaign

Coins.Game started collaborating with Bitmedia almost two years ago and during this period of time launched dozens of successful banner ad campaigns. Here we take a look at one of the latest ad campaign. Bitmedia’s approach involved initially targeting all relevant websites, including a gambling package, and then meticulously isolating the best-converting ones. Separate campaigns were set up for each website to acquire more traffic from the platforms showing higher conversion rates.

The client’s campaign involved regular adjustments of average bids, continuous testing of new websites added to the platform, and a strategic approach to change the banner every 1-2 months. 

Additionally, Bitmedia conducted a one-week test of text ads on Etherscan (8 deposits) and BSCan (15 deposits).

Coins.Game Banners Examples


Despite initial success, targeting gambling audiences internally on the platform proved challenging as the audience quickly “burned out” due to limited targeting. However, retargeting efforts and audience targeting yielded more favorable results.

Also, the client ordered button ads on and in November.

Order Button Ads on Bitmedia Marketplace


In one month, Bitmedia’s strategic advertising campaign for Coins.Game delivered a significant impact on the platform’s visibility and user engagement. With an 173,156 impressions, the campaign successfully reached a wide audience, laying a strong foundation for enhanced brand awareness within the gaming and crypto community. 

Coins.Game campaign results in Bitmedia dashboard

The 4,291 clicks reflect not just numerical metrics but tangible user interest and interaction, highlighting the campaign’s ability to capture and maintain the audience’s attention. 

Coins.Game 1-month campaign results

Total Impressions173,156
Total clicks4,291
Total budget2,148

What made these results even more compelling was its cost-effective approach with a judicious spending of $2,148. Hence, denoting the agency’s commitment to delivering impactful outcomes without digging deep into their pockets.

Bitmedia as the best performing partner for casino projects 

Bitmedia offers customized advertising solutions for gaming platforms, blockchain products and casinos. Solutions that the blockchain advertising agency delivers include display (banner) ads, targeting options, branding (content marketing), traffic evaluation, domain selection (in campaign settings), re-engaging audiences, and collaborating with the publishers that performs better and TOP crypto influencers.