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Targeting Strategies for Crypto Display Ads

Targeting Strategies for Crypto Display Ads

When you’re creating your display ad campaign, you need to make sure that you’re paying close attention to your targeting strategy. You could have the best display ad in the world, but if you’re not showing it to the right people because of targeting issues, then your ad is worthless.

So, today we’re going to explore how you can refine your targeting strategies so that your display ads can reach the right audience and give you the best ROI

Common Targeting Strategies

There are quite a few targeting strategies to pick from, so we’re going to run you through the most common and most effective. Chances are you’re already aware of these, but it never hurts to have a refresher course! 

Broad Marketing Strategy

If you’re getting your brand awareness campaign off to a start, then you might want to focus on a broad marketing strategy. These types of display ad campaigns are cheap to run and are great for reaching lots of people as you broadcast without any specific targeting settings.

But, you’re not refining your audience at all, showing the ads to everyone and their dog. For this reason, a lot of the spend will not result in any useful leads.

If you’re simply looking to get your brand out there and create general awareness, then this is the type of strategy that you might benefit from using. 

Concentrated Targeting Strategy

On the other end of the scale, you’ve got concentrated targeting. This ad targeting strategy refines your audience down significantly. For example, you could select to display your ads only to C-level executives working in finance that use an Android device and live in Talladega.

These types of ads take a lot longer to set up and the cost will be significant. But, your ad campaign will be shown to an incredibly specific group of people that are most likely to convert – if you’ve done your audience research well. This tends to offer the best ROI. 

Geographic Strategy

Geotargeting is something that all display advertisers should be using. You can focus on high-profit regions or roll out regional specific promotions. These give you great local relevance and can increase your ROI significantly if you’ve done your homework and know which regions your product or business is most popular in.

However, it can be a little tricky to set up, with IP addresses changing hands between ISPs and people using VPNs. Fortunately, Bitmedia has an advanced geotargeting tool that allows you to handle this in a quick and simple manner.


If someone is already aware of your brand, they’re more likely to pay attention to your advertising campaigns and take action. That’s exactly what remarketing does – it shows your ads to people that have already interacted with your brand.

You can set up remarketing tags quickly and simply, allowing you to tap into this lucrative data point. However, if you’ve got a wide user base, this could reduce the exclusivity and make “premium” campaigns slightly less effective.

Frequency capping and ad rerun tools found in the Bitmedia toolbox let you easily set up all the right parameters to make your ad go after the existing audience. And once your crowd knows you, all that is left is to kindly remind them that the best crypto project already exists. 

Content-Based Targeting Strategy

Content-based targeting is a fairly complex process, but it’s incredibly rewarding. You’ll want to run native ads with push notifications on your website or app. Then, throw in some geotargeting to offer real value to customers in a specific location at an opportune time and you’ve got the perfect display ad campaign.

If you opt for this type of display targeting, you’ll be able to generate an emotional reaction which is more likely to result in an action being taken. However, this type of marketing strategy does take a fair amount of time to set up an investment to use correctly.

Types of display targeting

When it comes to running a display ad campaign, you’ll want to pay attention to the various types of display targeting methods that are available.

Contextual Targeting

Contextual targeting allows you to target a user based on their behavior-based keyword usage. Bitmedia’s algorithm will analyze this and match your targeting selection with specific ad placement. 

Interest Targeting

Interest marketing is also known as affinity marketing as you focus your display ads based on a user’s interests. Algorithms will detect interests via search history and display relevant ads.


Remarketing display ads will only show to users that have previously engaged with your brand. These types of users are more likely to convert as they’re already aware of your brand.

Pick your Targeting Strategies for Display Ads Properly!

As you can see, picking the right targeting strategies for your display ads is vital in ensuring that your campaign is a success. By using the full range of tools on offer in the Bitmedia advertising suite, you can make sure that your next display advertising campaign is a successful one. Take your brand global with us!

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