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The Power of Crypto Marketing with Bitmedia

The Power of Crypto Marketing with Bitmedia

Effective marketing strategies stand as an imperative for companies seeking to distinguish themselves and leave an indelible mark in their respective industries. Bitmedia, a leading crypto ad network and marketing service, offers a range of content publication options on reputable crypto websites to help businesses reach their target audience. Let’s delve into the diverse opportunities Bitmedia provides and the associated prices for these services.

Content Publication on Crypto Websites

Press releases on

Press Release (Average Price: $450-650)

A press release serves as a concise news story, highlighting a company’s achievements, product launches, or significant events. Bitmedia’s press release services come at an average price of $450-650. It’s essential to have a compelling reason for a press release, and publishers categorize them under PR or press releases. Examples of press release placement on relevant publishers’ homepages are showcased, emphasizing the importance of appropriate tagging.

Examples of Press Release Placements

  • NewsBTC
PR section on Cointelegraph

Sponsored Content (Average Price: $800-1500)

Sponsored content, priced at $800-1500 on average, takes the form of articles advertising a company, brand, or product. While commonly perceived as paid advertising, publishers often subject content to a verification procedure. Some publishers, like Cointelegraph, insist on creating the sponsored article as part of the publication cost, including mandatory tags like “Sponsored,” “In partnership with…,” or “Advertisement.”

Platforms for Sponsored Content

Sponsored content on CryptoSlate
Sponsored article on Decrypt
Advertiser Disclosure on Benzinga
Sponsored tag on CryptoPotato

Native Article (Average Price: $1200-2000)

A native article, priced between $1200-2000 on average, stands out for its organic nature. Unlike direct advertisements, native articles provide a partial description of a project, highlighting its benefits and features. This type of content, found on platforms like, is not tagged as “Sponsored” and seamlessly integrates with the editorial content.

Featured Article – Pinned on Homepage

Featured articles, marked as “recommended,” gain prime visibility by being pinned to the main page. This option is available for an additional fee, and the duration of pinning varies based on the publisher’s rules. Notably, not all publishers offer this feature. An example can be seen on

Bitmedia Marketing Services

PR/Article Writing Services:

  • Press release (up to 650 words) – $200
  • Article/Review (up to 1000 words) – $300

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Influencer Marketing:

Bitmedia provides comprehensive influencer marketing services across various platforms such as (formerly Twitter), TikTok, YouTube, Telegram, Twitch, and Discord.

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