What is frequency capping, and how does it enhance conversions?

Frequency capping is one of the targeting options available to Bitmedia clients. According to the world's foremost marketing gurus, frequency capping and ad reruns are essential to a successful marketing campaign.

Let's dive into the benefits of frequency capping and ad reruns in blockchain marketing, as well as best practices for putting them up to generate incredible results.

So, what is Frequency capping?

The frequency capping feature allows you to limit the number of times a single person sees a crypto ad. It may be configured for CPM campaigns only and serves as a friendly reminder to prospective leads about your project.

Frequency is the number of times a user sees ads in your Display campaign over a given time.

Frequency capping for Display campaigns:

When you set the frequency cap for a Display campaign, you manage the number of impressions an individual user can have on the campaign per day, week, or month. You can set a frequency cap to manage the number of impressions on the campaign, ad group, or ad. Third-party cookies are used by default, but if those are not available, first-party cookies are used to approximate impressions.

Examine the frequency capping formula below.

Frequency Formula

According to scientists, we need to view anything 30 times to remember it; recurrence is a key to our memory. We are not suggesting that you increase your frequency capping to 30, but increasing the allowable impressions per person from 10 can greatly improve the efficacy of your crypto marketing campaign.

How to set up a frequency capping on the Advertiser's dashboard.

Go to Advertiser’s dashboard and choose All Adgroups.

Ad Groups

Click on “Ad group name.”

Ad Groups name

Click on “Targeting”


Scroll down to “Additional options” and Select “Frequency capping.”

Additional Options

Frequency cap can be specified as several times per 1 DAY, 3 DAYS or 1 WEEK.

Nothing prevents it from being displayed to the same individual many times. As a result, you may find yourself with little money and viewers who have seen your ad far too many times not to be sick of it.

Low frequency is incorrect, but high frequency is dangerous. What's the snag?

Bitmedia's staff suggest that the frequency capping value should be set at 10 at the start of the marketing campaign and subsequently increased to 20 as the campaign progresses and the target is narrowed to high-performing traffic sources

Here are some tips from the Bitmedia team for increasing the success of your crypto ad campaigns.

  • Test different frequency capping values with Ad Groups
  • Rotate creatives during the campaign lifecycle
  • Increase frequency capping as your campaign progresses
  • Start from 10 and move the setting up to 20 as your campaign develops
  • Make sure your landing page is ready for conversions

Thanks for your attention. Happy journey with Bitmedia crypto ad network!