How to Make an Order on Bitmedia Marketplace — Step-by-Step Guide

Today we will show you how to place an order on the marketplace. The Bitmedia Marketplace is a new, convenient method, thanks to which you can quickly analyze and choose the right website and type of service for promoting your project.

But everything is in order.

To get started, register as an advertiser if you haven't already. Or log in to your personal Bitmedia account.

Go to the marketplace by clicking on the “Marketplace” section in header.

go to the marketplace

Now you see the full list of publishers that offer different services: PR, Sponsored articles, Project reviews, Direct banners, In-app ads, newsletter promotion etc.

Every item on the Marketplace includes brief info about the website - total monthly views (SimilarWeb), title, TOP 3 geos, niche and type of content or service available for ordering, for direct banner placement and buttons - banner sizes, number of impressions additionally.

marketplace includes info about the website

Currently, there are several types of content (Opinion article, Project review, Press release, Sponsored article, Guest post/Organic article) and 4 niches (Crypto & Blockchain, NFT & Metaverse, Casino & Gambling, Finance & Investments) for content publication.

Other options like in-app ads, direct banners, newsletter promotion, button ads, header text ads are also available for ordering on the Marketplace.

other options

Advanced filters on Bitmedia’s marketplace are very helpful in searching for the most relevant publisher. Knowing your marketing budget, desired website parameters in terms of traffic, target countries, and website language, you can easily find the site that best meets your marketing needs.

When you decide on a website, click on it and put it into the basket. If you want to compare websites, just click “like” and add this item to your wishlist.

compare websites

Now you can proceed with payment. Just click on the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner.

proceed with payment

Now you are ready to complete your order.

complete your order

Check your order one more time and upload the desired piece of content to be published. Don’t worry, the final approval will be available after the account manager messages you. So, if you don’t have any content to publish, just skip this step and go to the payment.

check your order

Currently, there are several options for paying for an order - from your advertiser’s, publisher’s, referral balance or other payment method.

several options for paying for an order

After payment, wait for confirmation by e-mail. If you have any questions or want to clarify something immediately, contact the live chat.

contact the live chat

Also, our account manager will definitely contact you to agree and confirm the order.

Remember that the average market time for article publication or banner placement is about 7 business days. We advise you to plan an advertising campaign for your product in advance in order to achieve maximum results.

Good luck with Bitmedia!