Publisher Dashboard Overview with full Video Guide

Welcome to Bitmedia! Here is a short intro about the publishers’ interface and dashboard features at Bitmedia platform.

On the Publishers Dashboard, you will find various panels that provide valuable insights into the performance of your ads and website.

These panels include:


Earnings: This panel displays data related to your earnings, including today's earnings, yesterday's earnings, and the earnings for the last seven days.


Impressions: The Impressions panel showcases the number of times ads served on your website or web pages have been viewed by visitors.


Pageviews: This panel indicates the total number of times your web pages have been viewed by visitors.


Clicks: The Clicks panel tracks the number of times visitors have clicked on the ads displayed on your website.


CTR % (Click-through Rate): This panel calculates the click-through rate as a percentage, representing the ratio of ad clicks to ad impressions.


eCPM (Effective Cost per Mille): The eCPM panel calculates the estimated revenue generated per thousand impressions.

These panels serve as vital tools for monitoring and analyzing the performance of your ads and website, enabling you to make informed decisions and optimize your revenue-generating strategies.

publisher dashboard image

Located on the left side below on the Publishers Dashboard, you will find a button labeled "Apply for CPM Floor." This button provides you with the opportunity to request or apply for a CPM (Cost per Mille) floor for your ads.

apply for cpm floor image

From the right, there is a calendar where to filter the date. As well as filter by day, week, and month.

There is a filter for the graphic by Impressions, Clicks, Earnings $, CTR%, CPM, Desktop %, Mobile %.

dashboard filter graphic image

You can analyze it versus “Clicks”, “Earnings $”, “CTR %”, “CPM”, “Desktop %”, “Mobile %” or you can leave it as “No Metric.”

analyze graphic versus image

In this section, you can access detailed statistics categorized by countries, providing insights into clicks, impressions, and earnings in each specific location. These statistics allow you to evaluate the performance of your ads on a country-by-country basis, providing valuable data for analysis.

valuable data for analysis image


Countries by “Clicks”, “Impressions” and “Earnings $.”


OS by “Clicks”, “Impressions” and “Earnings $”.


Sources by “Clicks”, “Impressions” and “Earnings $”.


Devices by “Clicks”, “Impressions” and “Earnings $”.

Located below, you will find a breakdown of your balance into different categories:


All Data: This section provides a comprehensive overview of your balance, including all accumulated earnings, pending payments, and withdrawal requests. It encompasses the complete financial data associated with your account.


Main: The Main section presents the primary balance of your account, reflecting the total earnings you have accrued from your ad campaigns and other revenue-generating activities.


Pending: In the Pending section, you will find any earnings or payments that are awaiting processing or verification. These funds have been generated but are yet to be finalized or approved for withdrawal.


Withdraw: The Withdraw section displays the amount of money you have successfully withdrawn from your account. It represents the funds that have been transferred to your designated payment method or account.

These distinct categories allow you to track and manage your balance effectively, providing transparency regarding your financial transactions and the status of your earnings. By regularly monitoring these sections, you can ensure a clear understanding of your account's financial status and make informed decisions regarding withdrawals or reinvestment of your earnings.

balance pending image

By clicking on the button for "Sources" on the Publishers Dashboard, you will be presented with options related to managing and creating new sources for your ad placements. Click +New Source.

new source image

As well, you can filter the calendar for a filter by day, week or month.

In the table below there are: URL, CPM floor, Ad Units, Impressions, Clicks, CTR% , Pageviews, eCpm%, Earnings $, Status.

There is a button to see if the status is active.

Clicking AD UNIT you can see a button to create a “New Ad Unit.”

add units image

On the right side, you'll find a calendar feature that allows you to filter data by date. You can select a specific date or choose a range of dates. Additionally, there are filters for day, week, and month, providing quick access to different time intervals.

Below will be the table with the Name, Source, Size, Impressions, Clicks, CTR %, CPM floor, eCPM %, Earnings $, Status.

There is a button to see if the status is active.

Monetize your website in an effective way. Happy journey with Bitmedia!