Advertiser’s Dashboard & Ad campaign Functions Overview

Take a look on all functions in the Advertiser’s Dashboard and “All campaigns” section. This guide includes a detailed description of “All campaigns” section and advertisers’ dashboard full overview. We’ll tell you more about targeting and other functions you can apply so that your ads could drive better results. Check out our most updated platform guidelines and all you can do with it to launch a successful crypto ad campaign.

1. Advertiser’s Dashboard - Overview

Welcome to a brief journey with Bitmedia.IO. We want to show you our updated dashboard. It became more comfortable functionally and info-packed. Let's take a look at the main sections. All your ad campaigns statistics are gathered on the first dashboard. You can examine Today so far details, spent, impressions and clicks table, your best-performing countries, devices, campaigns, ad groups and creatives.

advertiser's dashboard

2. “All Campaigns” Functions

Let's move to All campaigns. Here are gathered data on all your ad campaigns. You can start and stop the whole ad campaign here.

Pay attention to the Copy, Delete and Export Statistics functions. Now, you can easily copy ad campaigns, including all the respective settings, namely creatives, targeting, bidding.

If you need to prepare a report on ad campaigns overall running, you may do it in one click, simply press Export Statistics.

If you'd like to clear up your dashboard, you may delete ad campaigns. The deleted data will appear in the archive so that you may restore it anytime you need it.

all campaign statistics

3. “Ad Groups” Functions

Let’s move to All Ad Group section. All the previously described functions are available here as well.

group's functions

You can find the same functions at the All creatives section.

creative's functions

The Archive section is divided into three subsections, particularly all campaigns, all ad groups and all creatives. So, you may easily access or observe the respective elements.

archive board

4. “Ad Campaign” in Details

Let's explore what you can access by clicking on the title of your created ad campaign. There are two sections: 'Ad Groups' and 'Campaign Statistics.'

In the 'Ad Group' section, you can view all ad groups and data on impressions, clicks, CPC, CPM, CTR, daily limits, and their current status.

campaign board

The ad campaign status can also be reviewed here. You can rename ad groups, copy and delete them, and export statistics for your reports.

The ad campaign statistics section is very informative as well. Let's examine the details more closely. Select the date range for which you'd like to review the statistics. You can choose a day, week, month, or set a desired period via the calendar.

On the first screen, you can review daily stats. This table presents detailed daily data, including Impressions, Clicks, CPC, CPM prices, Average CTR, and expenditure in $. You can export this data and the information from the next table, 'Statistics by Source'.

campaign statistics

Scroll down and check statistics by source. Here, you may sort your stats by source ID a conversion type.

statistics by source

In this table, you can observe the efficiency of publishers for your ad campaign and decide whether to add them to 'allow' or 'ignore' lists. The data you can track regarding publishers includes, firstly, the source ID, which you can see in your GA if the {source} variable is added to your URL as a UTM parameter. Total and unique impressions are displayed, along with Clicks, CTR, Top geo, Average paid bid, Percentage of total traffic, Conversion count, and Conversion amount (in case you have set this in the Conversion section of this account).

Scroll down to check the top ad groups and creatives and the best geos and device breakdown. This information can help you easily decide which ones to continue displaying.

groups and creatives charts

Ad Group Statistic

Suppose you navigate to any of your ad groups. In that case, you'll find that the same statistics and functions are available at the ad group level. You can also access the Creatives, targeting, and conversion sections at the ad group level. Additionally, you can change the daily limit, set a bid for this same ad group, copy it, or delete it.

group statistics

Ad Group Creatives

Let’s briefly observe the Creative section. You can add more creatives, modify, copy, or delete them, update the click URL for a group of creatives, and track their efficiency individually. You have all the statistics and data available for each creative: Type and Size, Impressions, Clicks, CPC, CPM, CTR, Spent, and Status.

group creatives

If you examine any creative closely, check its statistics in detail, such as charge, clicks, and impressions, as well as detailed daily statistics on a separate page. You may set the display period (day, week, month, or choose any custom calendar period). You can also check the URL or modify banners anytime you'd like.

group creatives chart and statistics

Ad Group Target

The target section is also available here if you'd like to introduce changes for this ad group. Here, geo and language targeting, device and source targeting, and audience targeting, are available. You could also set frequency capping, ad rerun, budget pacing, display time, choose a VPN data center, and select an ad unit format. A detailed description of the targeting section is available in a video for ad campaign creation. Anyway, you may refer to your account manager for assistance.

group target main settings
group target additional options

Ad Conversions

You can set up conversion tracking in the conversions section to track (registrations, deposits, or any special purpose). You can also get detailed statistics here (Date and Time, Source ID, Ad ID, Country, Device, OS, Browser, IP, Type, Cost).

In other words, the details of where this conversion came from.

group conversions

Please note that our account managers can always assist you with each step. Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or ask your account manager if you have any questions.