How to Create Ad Campaigns in Advertiser’s Dashboard — Step-by-Step Guide

Have you been considering launching an Ad Campaign but experiencing difficulty? There's no need to be concerned, we've got your back! Check out our most updated platform guidelines and all you can do with it to start a successful Ad Campaign.

We’re happy you have decided to choose Bitmedia as your advertising partner! This guide includes a detailed explanation on how to create an efficient ad campaign. We’ll tell you more about targeting and other settings you can apply so that your ads could drive better results.

  • Step 1. Start New Ad Campaign

  • Step 2. Create Ad Group

  • Step 3. Set Ad Targeting

    • Step 3.1. Choose the Right Ad Placement

    • Step 3.2. Set Other Targeting Options

  • Step 4. Upload Creatives

    • Step 4.1. Choose the Type of Banners

    • Step 4.2. Appear in Creative Section

How to Start a New Campaign

profile dashboard

To start an ad campaign, go to “All Campaigns” section and click on it.

Here you can see all campaigns you've ever created on Bitmedia. Click + New Campaign button and start creating your ad campaign.

creating campaign

Now, you see the following four steps - Create Campaign, Create Ad Group, Set Targeting, Upload Creatives.

Step 1. Start New Ad Campaign

Let’s move to the first step. Just name your campaign and press continue.

creating campaign name

The name of your campaign should be between 3 and 32 symbols long. Internal ad campaigns are designed for publishers, so skip this step if you're not registered as our publisher yet, or check another video dedicated to internal ad campaigns in our guides section.

Step 2. Create Ad Group

As soon as you named your campaign you need to create your first ad group, you should also name it and choose the Pricing model you want to follow: CPC stands for cost per click or CPM which stands for cost per 1000 impressions.

creating campaign group

Scroll down and pay attention to the bid. CPC and CPM models have different minimum bids, so we've already put them for you into the bid field. The higher the bid you set the more chances you have to get more impressions. You may ask your account manager on the respective average market bids if you want to get higher priority at auction. You may also set a daily limit for the ad campaign here and change it later together with your bidding.

creating campaign models

Step 3. Ad Campaign Targeting

Now let’s move on to the third step “Targeting”. Here you have 3 options: you can place your ads everywhere, you can choose one of our packages or you can select to target ads yourself.

creating campaign targeting

Step 3.1. Choose the right ad placement

Place everywhere

You can choose to “Place your ads Everywhere” - If you intend to run a global ad campaign or if you're still looking for your best sources with us.

creating campaign targeting place everywhere

Advanced placement

The second option is “Advanced Placement”. Here you can target your ads by geos, languages, devices etc. Other words, it's a customized placement which we'll cover later in this video.

creating campaign targeting advertiser

Package placement

The third option is the “Package Placement”. You can choose the package which suits your product best and continue to other targeting settings you may need.

creating campaign targeting package placement

Step 3.2. Other Targeting Options

Language and Geo

Ok, let's have a closer look at targeting. You can select the language of the website where your ads will be displayed.

creating campaign language

The preferred and excluded countries options are also available. You can set them one by one or choose the whole region.

You may also choose to buy traffic from other geos. We created this field for those who have already decided on preferred and excluded countries but still want to test other locations at a lower price.

Device type, Ad rerun, Frequency Capping, Display Time

Now scroll down to proceed with devices, namely mobile and desktop traffic options.

creating campaign geo

Let's also focus on other crucial settings: ad rerun, display time and frequency capping. Ad rerun is the period within which the user should see your ads again. We recommend to set three days to avoid being annoying or forgotten by the user.

Display time is the time of the day when your ads are shown to viewers. Please bear in mind that it goes along with the UTC zone.

The last but not the least is frequency capping. This setting defines how often each banner or the whole ad campaign will be shown to the unique viewer. Kindly note, we recommend up to 20 for CPM type and not less than up to 30 for CPC type per each Ad per day.

creating campaign impressions

Also, pay attention to the budget pacing, if you want your daily budget to disseminate within 24h, please choose “Evenly”. Your daily budget should be at least $50. If not, ASAP is applied by default.

creating campaign budget pacing

Step 4. Upload Creatives

The last step is to upload creatives. Display ads is the only available option for the moment.

uploading creatives

Step 4.1. Choose the type of banners

Text Ads

You may choose text ad, responsive ad, image ad and html5 banners. For text ads, fill in the requested fields and press “Continue”.

type of creatives text

Responsive Ads

Responsive ads cover almost all available banner sizes. It consists of a logo and background along with the text fields. Add the images, fill in the text and press “Continue”.

type of creatives responsive

Image Ads

The image ads are quite simple to add. Just download the banners, static or dynamic, and press continue. You can easily find the requirements for sizes and formats in our FAQ section.

type of creatives image

HTML5 Banner Ads

Finally, we are in the html5 banners section. They are also simple to add. Upload a folder with banners, select appropriate sizes and add URLs. Don't forget to press “Continue”.

The requirements for this type of banners you will find here

type of creatives HTML5

Step 4.2. Appear in creative section

In the ad campaign menu you have a separate tab with creatives. Here you can check the URL and assets before they are displayed. Each ad is approved by our team and you're always notified when it happens. As long the ad is approved you are free to start showing it to our audience.

test preview

If you want to add more banners, select an appropriate ad group, go to the creatives tab and press + “New Creative”.

test group

You can also choose to copy one of the existing assets and use it as a new creative. If you decided to copy the existing banner, you may rename it or modify it if needed.

coping creatives

We added the copy option for creatives

  • for ad groups: go to ad campaign tab and select an appropriate

  • for ad campaigns: just select the element you'd like to copy and press Copy. You may easily rename or modify the copied component.

These are the necessary steps to create the ad campaign. Kindly note, our account managers are always available to assist you on each step. Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.