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Achieving Amazing Result with Frequency Capping and Ad Rerun

Achieving Amazing Result with Frequency Capping and Ad Rerun

Frequency capping and Ad Rerun are part of the targeting options that Bitmedia offers to its clients. Still, it is these settings that the users of our bitcoin ad network often overlook and therefore we decided to get all close up and personal on the subject and outline the benefits these settings carry. According to world’s leading marketing experts both frequency capping and ad rerun form an incremental part of a successful marketing campaign. It is part of retargeting and remarketing strategies and as proven by historical data both inside and outside of Bitmedia, allows clients to reach 80% conversion rates and most importantly attract an active audience to the blockchain products and services. 

Now then, without further ado, let’s get to the study of all perks behind frequency capping and ad rerun in blockchain marketing as well as best practices of setting them up to achieve amazing results. Finally, these tools are critical to budget usage and knowing how to apply them will increase the effectiveness of your campaign, making every impression click worthy of the money spent. 

increase your profit with frequency cappingYou will find out how frequency capping:

  • Boosts bitcoin ad campaign effectiveness
  • Eliminates overspending
  • Increases conversions
  • Helps to reach new users
  • Best way to set frequency capping

What is Frequency capping?

Frequency capping lets you establish the number of times a crypto ad gets shown to one specific individual. It can be set up for CPC and CPM campaign types and first and foremost acts as a gentle reminder of what your project is all about to the prospective leads. 


frequency capping formula


Well adjusted frequency capping reinforces your brand and messaging, helping users to get to know you, learn to trust you and eventually become part of your loyal community.

Is it really that important? I hear you ask

See, all successful projects that we know of have one thing in common. They boast the trust of their community and trust is often hard to earn. One of the ways to earn trust is to become a name that people advise to each other or at least know of and this is where frequency capping comes in. According to our internal statistics most clients set frequency capping to 1, which means that their display ads get shown only twice to a given individual. And this, in the world where we constantly get bombarded with information, is in most cases not enough.

Scientists state that we need to see something 30 times in order to remember it and repetition serves as a key to our memory. We do not imply that you should be setting your frequency capping to 30, but raising the allowed impressions per person from 1 can do wonders to the effectiveness of your bitcoin ad campaign.  

Then comes the ad overserving…

Having no frequency capping can be as damaging as having it set on low or very high values. The former means that your crypto ad campaign is off limits

frequency capping ad campaign settings

It can be shown to the same person over and over again since there is nothing stopping it. Resultantly, you may end up with no budget and audiences who have seen your ad too many times for them not to be sick of it. 

Infamous ad fatigue or ad burn

The last thing we want our audience to experience is ad fatigue. It is when responsiveness to your specific creative decreases at an exponential pace because the same people see the same ads too often. Boredom kicks in and your prospective leads stop paying attention. In other words, setting large values for frequency capping is also considered to be of bad tone.

Low frequency is wrong, high frequency is lethal. Where’s the catch?

Marketing industry experts state that there is no perfect value to which your frequency capping should be set and silver lining is in the testing. In reality, all blockchain companies are different and varied is the optimal method of approaching frequency capping setup, states Scott Tienan, Global Lead of Programmatic at Accenture Interactive. Same goes for ad burn, as high frequency display ad tolerance differs according to the customer journey stage your audiences are currently at. 

How to set up frequency capping in blockchain marketing?

As we have just learnt, there is no unified value that works for each and every bitcoin ad campaign. Instead, it is advised to test out different frequency capping settings in order to establish that golden middle that makes budget use effective and delivers high conversions. This is where Ad Groups tool steps in and we have covered it extensively in a ‘The Power of Ad Groups’ blog post. 

Bitmedia’s team believes that FC value at the beginning of the marketing campaign should be set to 10 and then increased to 20, which is what Google suggests. 

Marketing specialists argue that the number of ads you show should increase as audiences’ customer journey progresses. In other words, the greater the brand awareness, the higher the tolerance will be to the continuous crypto display ad supply. 

Improving bitcoin campaign effectiveness: 

  • Test different frequency capping values with Ad Groups
  • Rotate creatives during campaign lifecycle
  • Increase frequency capping as your campaign progresses
  • Start from 10 and move the setting up to 20 as your campaign develops
  • Make sure your landing page is ready for conversions

Ad Rerun makes for amazing results 

Unlike frequency capping that manages follow up impressions, Ad Rerun is all about going after users who have already visited your website. It aims to remind people of your blockchain brand in a bid to pull them back to the product or service and just like frequency capping, serves as a key attribute to high conversions. 

ad rerun function bitmedia campaign

Simply put, users are twice as likely to convert if they have already visited your webpage before. Only problem is that they may forget. It is highly probable that a great deal of traffic that your project attracts, leaves without registering and there is nothing abnormal about it. Some users may be visiting your landing page at the moment when they don’t have enough time and think to themselves that they will come back to it later. Then, most of them may simply forget about you and it is ad rerun that is here to save the day and remind your existing audience of your blockchain brand’s existence. 

Final words on Frequency capping and Ad Rerun

Remember when we discussed the psychological power of reminders? Well, it is what both frequency capping and ad reruns are for, although the advantages are far greater still. These incremental tools can make your budget spend incredibly effective, conversions higher and most importantly cement your brand’ message in the user’s mind. Oh, and we even saw time on site being increased by 300% for some of our clients!

Set frequency capping and ad rerun!