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Maximising leads and traffic for Nexus.Trade with a crypto ad campaign

Maximising leads and traffic for Nexus.Trade with a crypto ad campaign

When you’re trying to change the way humans interact with the world, optimizing your crypto advertising strategy is a key part of the process. Even if you have the best product in the world, if nobody knows about it, it may as well not exist. So to help boost awareness and increase leads, Nexus.Trade came to Bitmedia for a crypto ad campaign.

The Project

Nexus.Trade is without a doubt one of the most ambitious trading platforms around, aiming to bring true trading experience for both beginners and advanced traders looking for the best execution and order types. Global support, global liquidity, global security –  are three cores of the company.

The Execution

Nexus.Trade used Bitmedia’s ad groups tool to create multiple variants of creatives (read banners) that would be shown to end users in a single campaign. The ad group tool allowed Nexus to manage each creative, fine tuning it as needed on the fly without interrupting the ad campaign. Their crypto ad campaign initially began with a CPC, running with a large geo pool. Nevertheless, the team later opted to take advantage of the geo-filtering options available in the ad suite to refine this down, helping increase the quality of crypto traffic acquisition and conversions.


The Execution


The Bitmedia team kept a close eye on the campaign and, as we do for all campaigns running, to be able to jump in and help out when needed. Taking into account that ad frequency capping would enable the crypto ad set to perform more effectively, we enabled this feature for the campaign to improve the quality of bitcoin traffic.


Obviously not all websites were suited to this campaign, meaning that spend was going to lower quality leads in the beginning. So, Bitmedia stepped in and adjusted the publications that the crypto ads were being displayed on, fine tuning the list to the best performing publications that generated the best leads. This allowed  Nexus Markets to get better value for money and get higher quality leads, which stipulates a higher acquisition rate and an improved bottom line. To ensure that we weren’t chopping any high-quality publications from the list, we tested by showing the crypto ads on these sites at different times of day on varying days of the week. Publications that failed to provide solid results were removed from the campaign.




The Results

Nexus.Trade saw their ads viewed by at least 22,000 unique users on any given day. With the ad frequency capping to control how many times each user would see the same ad, the campaign ended with 185,516 impressions on this particular day. 


The total impressions over the course of the campaign ended at 1,373,186


A total spend of $462 over the course of 1 week yielded 1,493 new leads for the Nexus team. 


The majority of these leads were from Canada, which was a top priority geo for the Nexus team to target, highlighting just how effective the geo-filtering function is.


 Let’s Recap

This campaign for Nexus was highly successful, driving valuable leads and creating brand awareness and conversions in its key target markets. The ad frequency capping prevents ad fatigue amongst the crypto audience, giving the crypto ads the best chance at performing, without becoming stale.


With just short of 1,500 new leads over a 1-week period, Nexus.Trade saw stellar results from their campaign with Bitmedia’s crypto advertising services. The fine tuning and assistance from our end ensured maximum performance and the best results possible. 


Speaking about the ad campaign, Matthew Struble, VP of Marketing & Product Strategy at Nexus Trade, said:
“The functionality around Bitmedia’s targeting allowed Nexus to optimize the campaign and increase our qualified views by 39% and 100% the increase by leads.”


Analytics and data was automatically fed into a Google Sheet so that the Nexus team could quickly break down the performance and adjust their crypto ad campaign using tangible data that was easily accessible by their distributed team.


The Nexus.Trade campaign developed huge brand awareness and drove high-quality leads to their trading platform with their crypto marketing strategy. Seen by more than 1.3 million people in a single week, it’s without a doubt that we caused a stir, meaning another campaign with the same regions would lead to an even better conversion rate!


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