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Making Display Advertising in Crypto Effective

Making Display Advertising in Crypto Effective

Thinking of taking a brand global, marketing teams are usually faced with a myriad of options. Nevertheless, the tools that actually work and always deliver positive results come in very limited numbers. Display advertising is one of such options, allowing companies to get exposure and deliver traction to their brands since the grassroots rise of the internet. Moreover, despite being one of the oldest types of online advertising, display ads remain the unquestionable leader in driving traffic and therefore serve as the incremental pillar of any successful marketing campaign.
Of course, one can argue that other tools like community development and brand engagement are also critical to an outcome of a marketing campaign and you won’t be wrong. Still, it is important to highlight that all alternative ways of marketing are fully dependent on display advertising, since it is the only way how your brand can acquire that initial and all important exposure. 
This is why we have decided to dive into banner display advertising and dissect it so you know exactly how to use this highly effective tool in your next marketing campaign when you set it up on Bitmedia with a designated specialist.

What is display advertising?

Display ads are the banner ads that you see on most of the websites that you visit. They come in many shapes (as well as horizontal and vertical) and are usually found on top, bottom, side and middle of a webpage. These banners can be static or dynamic and their main purpose is to show you the brand or its service and in perfect conditions, make you click on the ad to find out more.

Display advertising types

  • Static – Displays a picture with text. Advertisers typically try to make such banners as vibrant looking as possible in a bid to attract viewer’s attention. Static banners are easy to make but at the same time limit you to one fixed message that such an ad can deliver to the audience. Resultantly, banner design plays a critical role in the following conversions of your campaign and hence must be well throughout and rightly worded.
  • Dynamic – This format of display advertising allows for more freedom in using the designated banner space that you opt for. Dynamic banners are based on HTML5, videos, GIFs, moving text and assets, plus alternative rich media units. Dynamic display ads, regardless whether they are vertical or horizontal, allow advertisers to not only better attract attention with built in moving objects, but also to deliver more information by text, giving a better understanding of what your blockchain project is all about.

Since we have identified what display ads are, you may be thinking that there is nothing much else to it, but this is where you will be wrong and it is where it gets interesting. The purpose of a marketing campaign judges how an advertiser creates a display ad. You can outline that everyone is looking for traction but traction has many variations and it is knowing how to serve an ad that will either send your marketing budget to waste or become a campaign of an extremely effective performance. Oh, and don’t worry if it is starting to look a tad complicated.

Bitmedia’s team always assists its clients with the display ad campaign setup to make it just right.

Directional goals of crypto display ad campaigns

  • Brand Awareness – This aim comes primary when you have just launched your crypto or blockchain service and need the world to find out about you. By tweaking a marketing campaign towards brand awareness, companies concentrate on exposure, not conversions realised in clicks. We, the people, always tend to choose those products and services that we have either seen before, read about or already tried and therefore brand awareness is a goal you cannot ignore in today’s marketing realms. The purpose of such campaigns is to get people to see your brand pop up as often as possible so it becomes, in best case scenario, a household name. 

Naturally, brand awareness display ads campaigns must be left running for a reasonable period of time and arranged to be displayed across a wide range of publications. This way, you give the audience time to get accustomed to your brand and the message it carries, slowly but surely turning into a brand they know. Once that happens, changing a prospective client into an existing lead becomes an easy task and often happens organically. If you run a display ad campaign long enough, you cancel out the need for clients to visit your website and spend time on it learning about products and services. See, nowadays, not many people have time for that. Our pace of life is dynamic and doesn’t cease to slow down, which in turn means that you must catch people on the go. 

It is these perks that make BA so important for every new company that enters the industry. Yes, it may take time to result in positive traffic and feedback, but your remuneration comes in face of earning a piece of real estate in the public’s mind. The most suitable payment structure for such display banner ads is CPM, where you pay per 1000 impressions instead of clicks and then track your stats by: Organic traffic, Social media Shares, Organic search and Impressions.

  • Client Acquisition – The second stage marketing goal that comes into play once you have achieved at least a basic level of brand awareness. This display advertising campaign is governed and measured by CPC where an advertiser pays not for impressions but the clicks or in other words, actual conversions. Acquisition goal assumes that your brand already has an exposure and targets users for an expected outcome. 

Client acquisition campaigns are used when an advertiser wants to attract the users to its platforms or website and execute an action. Usually it is a registration on a platform or a sign up for services that the company provides. 
When setting up such a campaign you must be confident that your product is in its final stage, meaning that the attracted traffic will not experience any issues with what you have on offer. Otherwise, your newly acquired users will leave before you know it and never return back. 
User acquisition display advertising is typically tied to other marketing tools mentioned earlier that nurture loyalty to the brand by creating a community around it.

  • Retargeting – Another incremental part of your display ads campaign that flows out of the first two goals and makes them more effective if integrated correctly. It stands for displaying your banners to the users who have already seen your ads before in a bid to remind them of you and attract back. Retargeting revolves around creating trust and is a part of every successful marketing campaign and it is hard not to notice it when browsing the web. You visit a webpage of a brand and then it starts following you via banners, whatever other websites you visit. More so, according to several studies, users are 70% more inclined to click on a remarketed brand ad compared to alternative brands they have never seen before, which highlights high effectiveness, unreachable via other tools.

Bitmedia became the pioneer in integrating retargeting into crypto display advertising suite of services and we too, see a drastic change in conversions once our clients opt in.

Display advertising application and summary

Regardless whether you are launching a marketing campaign that targets brand awareness, user acquisition or retargeting, always pay attention to the design of your display ad, the way targeting is set up and testing. Of course Bitmedia’s team will assist you along this process and go as far as design the banners for you and advise on the targeting setup, but just in case you decide to do it on your own, here are some tips…

  • Design and Testing – Banner design may differ depending on the goal you pursue. For brand awareness and user acquisition, simplicity is always key and your message must be clear. Already at the retargeting stage? Make your banners informative so they add to what the public already knows about your blockchain business. Testing must also be experimented with. First campaign is looking like a non-performer? Don’t worry, just A/B test a different design and see how the feedback changes. 
  • Targeting – We always advise our clients how to get started so the budget doesn’t go to waste, chasing users in the wrong places. Nevertheless, once initial specifics are identified, your job is then to narrow down your campaign and eliminate the channels that are becoming ineffective. Don’t be afraid to cut down and re-channel your budget to the audiences that create conversions.

To summarise, display advertising is an incredibly effective tool when it comes to traffic acquisition. As for the crypto and bitcoin industry, it is the only vehicle that delivers non-stop traffic to your project before your brand becomes a known affair. Be mindful with your strategy, set your display ads right and you will see how your budget starts to reciprocate with conversions. Otherwise, the display ads market would have never become a $600 billion market!