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How to Lower Your Crypto Ad Campaign Costs!

How to Lower Your Crypto Ad Campaign Costs!

Running a crypto ad campaign can be tricky, time consuming and hard to get right. But, if you know what you’re doing and you set it up properly, your campaign can be a wild success. A huge part of that success is spending as little as possible to get the best possible results.

So, let’s look at how you can reduce PPC costs to help you spend less on advertising. With a few minor tweaks to your crypto ad campaign, your crypto ad costs will drop significantly without any negative impact on your results!

– Choose the Right Crypto Ad Network

First up, if you’re going to lower your ad costs, you’ll want to pick the right crypto ad network. There are plenty of crypto ad networks to pick from, but only a couple will help you to reduce advertising costs. Bitmedia is one of those, and thanks to the myriad of refinements that you can make, you’ll cut your crypto ad costs in no time at all!

– A/B Test Your Targeting

You’ve heard of A/B testing your design and copy, but have you thought about A/B testing your targeting options? If you spread out your ad spend over a couple of different targeting options, you can test out to see which delivers the CPC and the best results.

That being said, it might turn out that the lowest CPC doesn’t yield the best results, but it’s always a good idea to diversify. From these results, you’ll then be able to create a hybrid targeting audience that gives you the best of the low costs CPC and the high-reward audience.

– Use All the Exclusions Possible

When you set up a crypto ad campaign, it will show with every single publisher by default. This isn’t necessarily a good thing as you’ll end up paying for pricy clicks that don’t really translate into high-reward users. Instead, if you use exclusion tools to weed out all the factors that make a bad end user, you can refine your audience and ad placement.

You should begin by looking at publisher topics, audiences, and placements. This is where you can get the biggest bang for your buck. Let’s say that you’re selling women’s underwear. You’re not going to get the best from your spend if it’s on a male focused engineering publication. Fine tune these aspects and you’ll be able to dedicate your spend where it’s most effective.

Make Use of Ad Scheduling

The best crypto ad networks will allow you to schedule your ads. This means that you can show your ads at specific times of the day, meaning that if you know when your audience is most active, then you can decide to show your ads only then.

This has a major impact on your ad spend as if you know your high-reward audience is active between 8:00-14:00, you can dedicate most of your ad spend to those hours. In return, you don’t waste ad spend when low-reward users are clicking ads because they’re bored and just browsing.

– Customize Your Placement

You know your customers or users better than anyone else in the world. You know their browsing habits, their hours of activity and more. So use this to your advantage. If you know your users are major mobile users, make sure that the ads you’re running are mobile optimized and in prime mobile display placements.

By making use of this, you can ensure that your ads are showing to the correct audience on the correct device. There’s no point in showing desktop focused ads to your audience if they’re mostly mobile users, is there?

– A/B Test Your Copy

Ok, we’ve already spoken about A/B testing, but that was about your audience. Another key factor to help you spend less on advertising is by A/B testing your copy. Perhaps certain words and CTAs will provoke a reaction in your high-reward audience more than others. This is what you’re after and you can only figure out what this reaction is if you run A/B tests.

Remember to only change small parts of your copy for each test, as if you change too much, you’re just running 2 completely different ads and you end up with data that isn’t useful for making comparisons and creating better plans for future ad campaigns.

Choose Your Campaign Goals Carefully

Perhaps you really want to run a CPC campaign with the knowledge that only interested people will click. In theory this means you’ll get more impressions, but you could find that your ad spend gets blown with a couple of clicks per day. Instead, think carefully about your end goal and set it up right. Submit forms, sign ups and logins is what your goals should be set at.

A CPC campaign will cost you more per click, but you can end up with a great deal of impressions. On the other hand, a CPM campaign will not cost you extra if more people click through. If your ad is highly actionable, it might be worth running it as a CPM campaign in order to cut your ad spend for the number of clicks it can get. If you’re unsure, try running the same ad as a CPM and a CPA campaign. This will help you see which is best for your needs!

Lower Your Ad Costs Today!

The skills and knowledge required to lower your ad costs is right here, so take advantage of it. By teaming up with a market leading crypto ad platform, you’ll be able to spend less on advertising in a quick and easy manner. All it takes is a few tweaks and you’ll be saving hand over fist! Good luck!

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