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How to Choose a Crypto Marketing Agency

How to Choose a Crypto Marketing Agency

There are two types of marketing agencies, the good one and the great crypto marketing agency. The difference between the two lies in how each of them can leverage technology to rapidly optimize campaign results. 

Defining a Great Crypto Marketing Agency

A good crypto agency will go to any lengths using tried-and-true methods to optimize results, and there is merit in their approach. Some of the true-and-tried methods include content marketing, social media advertising, and influencer partnerships. All of these methods have a solid foundation for visibility and engagement. 

For a marketing agency to stand out and become great, one must leverage the potential of technology, branding, targeting, display advertisement, and the profound need for data-driven solutions. As such, the ‘great’ crypto marketing agency recognizes that marketing isn’t just about the hype but adapting to new business models. It also understands that marketing isn’t all about building a vibrant community of engaged fans but also nurturing a community of supporters who can vouch for projects and spread the word organically. 

Bitmedia lies within the realm of the great crypto marketing agency. After noticing a gap of limited understanding of cryptocurrency domains across marketing agencies, a team of innovators combined their years of expertise to craft effective marketing strategies that would cater to blockchain companies. In essence, the gap comprised dozens of marketing agencies already crafting enhanced solutions for cryptocurrency projects. However, these solutions failed to go deep into the ins and outs of crypto and revealed a stack absence of depth, knowledge, and experience in the blockchain niche.

Bitmedia was born out of the need to help blockchain projects gain traction. The digital advertising network is ready to assist you every step of the way by only reaching out to a specialized account manager. Bitmedia’s account managers help provide valuable support and guidance to effectively strategize and execute an optimized advertising campaign. 

If a brand is operating in the cryptocurrency, gambling, and gaming niche, Bitmedia’s team of professionals is willing to assist in promoting, advertising, and attracting new leads. The agency’s reputation for offering effective promotional strategies for the last few years has been positive. Bitmedia’s solutions will not only maximize exposure but also drive engagement for brands in the blockchain industry.

Below are 5 considerations for blockchain companies looking to hire the best crypto marketing agency. 

How to Choose Crypto Marketing Agency Platforms

– In-house Expertise and Experience

Why do companies hire marketing agencies yet they have their in-house marketing department? One of the reasons for hiring an agency outside the department is due to the specialized nature of marketing. The marketing field is a highly multidisciplinary field that can rely on the expertise of differently specialized professionals. As such, it cuts across a wide range of activities, most of which demand collaboration and integration. These include: 

  • Social Media Marketing specialists
  • Graphic Designers
  • Influencer Marketing Professionals
  • Public Relations Managers
  • SEO experts
  • Data Analysts
  • Community Managers

The expertise and experience of the agency’s in-house team are important factors to consider when hiring a cryptocurrency marketing team. Besides evaluating the agency in general, remember that the individual team members must also have a proven track record in the crypto industry. For example, a social media specialist must have the necessary skills to run optimized campaigns on social media platforms. 

– Market Research and Proven Case Studies

An experienced crypto marketing agency will have a large body of market research to prove its understanding of the niche. This research is vital in demonstrating the agency’s understanding of your project’s industry, business models, and local markets. It is also important to factor in whether the agency will take a proactive approach in conducting industry research before strategizing your campaign. 

Remember, the research, if thorough, will reflect in the agency’s plan of action and proposal. If the proposal has a great plan, there is a high chance that the agency understands your business and your target audience. 

– Services Package

Factor in what other promotional services come with a marketing agency. A marketing agency will leverage its team’s specialization to provide a broad range of comprehensive services across content, attribution, display advertisement, press release distribution, targeting, SEO, influencer partnerships, front-end UX/UI design solutions, branding, video production, animation, community building, and so on. 

Some agencies will excel in one suite of products, while another agency will specialize in other areas. Hence, understanding your project, market fit and prospects is an important step before hiring a marketing agency. This will help evaluate a suitable list of services you need, therefore, allowing you to make an educated pick. 

Bitmedia ensures cryptocurrency projects get the visibility they deserve by effectively setting up and optimizing marketing campaigns. Some of the comprehensive packages that come with a premium Bitmedia membership include targeting, display advertising, content marketing services, banner ads, branding, SEO optimization, community building, and influencer partnerships. 

– Pricing

Remember to evaluate your budget and understand the pricing structure of the blockchain marketing company. This might be the most obvious step in choosing a suitable digital marketing agency. However, crypto projects must pick an agency whose price structure aligns with their budget and expected ROI. Projects need to strike a balance between the quality and the cost of those services. 

Pricing structures vary from one agency to another, and so does the package of services they offer. Some might have several plans, each containing different solutions, while others will charge a fixed fee for all their services. Such agencies may adopt hourly rates, percentage-based plans, or monthly retainers and commissions. 

Bitmedia’s account managers can help break down your project’s marketing goals, and walk you through suitable cost-effective methods for promoting the project. 

In this article, Bitmedia’s founder Matvii Diadkov discusses how to execute a marketing strategy using a $100 budget.

– Proven Track Record, Testimonials, and Client Reviews

Check out the track record of the agencies you have in mind. Great crypto marketing agencies will have a portfolio of successful projects and a track record of satisfied clients. Examine the agency’s client testimonials and customer reviews to understand the agency’s record, experience, specialization, strengths, and reliability. Most agencies do place customer testimonials on their official website. As such, it is not difficult to find out what other cryptocurrency projects are saying about a crypto marketing agency. A crypto marketing agency collaborating with credible industry players is also a green light to subscribe to its services. Effective collaboration and partnerships are signs that the blockchain marketing company is already making an effort to establish strategic partnerships. 

These reviews left by customers of Bitmedia on Trustpilot will help you figure out whether it is among the most reputable cryptocurrency marketing agencies. Bitmedia’s marketing services combine the latest technology and marketing practices to enhance the visibility and exposure of our client’s projects.


Bitmedia’s key advantage is a modern targeting feature that enables marketing teams to effectively reach their preferred audience using a pique of prospect interests, device type, and location. These targeting capabilities are based on real-time data and analytics. The agency has also established a reliable network of publishers. These publishers are ready to distribute sponsored articles, press releases, and display banner ads to a large audience

To find out more about your marketing needs and whether they are aligned with our vision for crypto marketing services at Bitmedia, feel free to reach out to our account managers.