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How to Get the Most Out of Ad Placement on a Crypto Website!

How to Get the Most Out of Ad Placement on a Crypto Website!

When publishers are looking at ways to monetize their digital property, there are a number of options they can consider, but getting the right crypto ad placement can have the most impact when it comes to crypto websites. So, we here at Bitmedia are going to take a look at the dos and don’ts of ad placements on your site as well as teach you how to optimize ad placement so that you’re squeezing as much juice as possible out of every single ad!

Strategies to Boost Ad Revenue for Crypto Publishers

To kick this off, we’re going to dive right into a handful of our favorite strategies that you can use to boost your ad revenue for when you put crypto ads on your site!

  • Header Bidding

Header bidding is arguably the most effective method of boosting ad revenues for publishers. Simply put, you put up your unreserved ad inventory for auction or bidding outside of your ad servers. You’ll do this with several publishers at the same time, which results in a much greater take-up of that unreserved inventory, creating more income for you. This is easiest done with programmatic advertisers.

header bidding
  • Ad Placements

Your advertising placement can make a huge difference on CTR, so spending some time fine tuning this could boost your revenue significantly. There are various tools that you can use to monitor traffic and see where they interact with your site, with Hotjar being one of the best out there. If you prefer a trial-and-error method, you can try these common ad spots:

–   Above the fold

–   Right next to the calls to action

–   Merge ads with the content

Just remember to put user experience over everything. You don’t want your users confusing ads with CTAs.

above the hold banner ads bitmedia
Above the fold today means the content that is at the top of the page and is visible without having to scroll down to see it. Allowing this popular ad unit to appear above the fold on mobile obviously, has the effect of increasing viewability rates — to around roughly 70% as per the study
  • Balancing Customer Experience

Often, the best performing ads will be those that are in your face and harm user experience, but this will negatively impact your traffic levels and will cause traffic to drop off in the long run. So, consider balancing these high-performing ads with other ads that blend well in with your site and content. This will help you build trust with your audience and keep them coming back for more, which in turn helps you improve results for publishers. This links up well with ad placement, so work these two points together for maximum effect.

  • Look at it From a User Perspective

Next up, look at your site and ad placement like a user. Are you there to read long-form content, digest memes, or simply purchase a product? By understanding the user journey, you can refine ad placement and style so that it fits in with your brand identity and image. You don’t want your ads blocking your user’s path through your site to their end destination.

Then, you’ll want to see where your user’s attention is focused. Are readers enjoying your content in depth from left to right? Would a video help break it up and draw in more attention? Are they trying to complete a task? Think about where your user’s attention is so that you can get ad placement spot on without interrupting their journey. The heatmaps from Hotjar are great for this.

  • Look at the Data

We’ve talked about the heatmaps from Hotjar a few times, and that really feeds into our next point – look at the data. Hotjar and Crazyegg can both provide you with insane amounts of data about your website and how users interact with your site. Heatmaps can help you see where users are spending most of their time and attention, allowing you to move your most important content and ads to those areas for maximum effect. After all, it’s always helpful to know where to place an ad for maximum effect!

Google Analytics gives you tons of great data that you can use to see where your traffic is coming from, the types of devices they’re using and more. It’ll also help you identify your top performing content so that you can carry on producing exactly what your viewers want. If you pander to the needs of your users, you’ll develop more trust and become an authoritative figure in your niche. That in turn means more ad revenue for you!

Throw all of this data together and you can implement some wicked A/B testing plans to help you turn your website into a money-making machine. Remember to keep the A/B tests simple, changing small bits in each round to find the perfect combination.

  • Compare and Choose the Best Advertising Networks

Programmatic advertisements are without a doubt the best way to go if you want to take your ad revenue to the next level. You can automate everything, so you’re making money even when you sleep, without having to waste time each day finding new advertising partners. It’s quick and easy to set up ads on your site, especially when you use advertising networks for publishers.

But, not every ad network for publishers is built the same. So, you should spend some time comparing the best ad networks out there so that you can get high quality ads to blend in with your theme and niche, while keeping your bids nice and high, as well as full. Payment is important, but quality of ads is key here. As if you pick an ad network with poor ads, you could lose trust with your audience. This will drop your CTR through the floor and you’ll lose money hand over fist.

Once you find the right ad network for your site, stick with it as you’ll generally see better results over the long run, rather than trying to juggle ads from multiple different networks at the same time. It’s less work and better income for you – that’s a win win!

Go Maximize Your Revenue!

There you have it, those are Bitmedia’s top revenue boosting tips. If you spend some time actioning these points and creating ad placements, you should see a nice increase in your overall traffic and SERPS, as well as a healthy boost in your ad revenue. IT might take a bit of time and effort to implement all these changes and tests, but the results speak for themselves and will give your site the boost it deserves. Now you know where to place banners, you can become the revenue king!

Until next time!

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