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Where to Place Banner Ads on Your Website?

Where to Place Banner Ads on Your Website?

Click through rates (CTR) are used to gauge how well an advert performs. Achieving a high CTR is essential to your marketing success. This is why advertisers must focus on a more targeted approach for their marketing campaigns, whilst webmasters should know exactly what banner placements work best for their clients. 

Targeted ad placement comes with huge benefits such as increased user interaction. This article explains how to set up and place targeted crypto banner ads on your website for optimised results.

How to Choose the Best Places for Crypto Banner Ads

Deciding where to place a banner ad is never easy. There are so many things to consider. For many advertisers and webmasters, this is a daunting task.

The objective, target audience and end goal are important details that should be considered before deciding where to place crypto banner ads. And the questions you should answer before deciding on banner locations are as follows:

  • What do users aim to accomplish by visiting my site?
  • What part of my website will they naturally interact with first?
  • How do I integrate ads into this area without getting in the user’s way?
  • How do I keep the page unlittered, clean and inviting to the user? 

Answers to these questions will give you insight into your audience’s mindset. This would help you finetune your ad delivery to their expectation.

Best Places for Crypto Banner Ads on Websites

Looking to grab your visitor’s attention with creative crypto ads? These are the best places on your website that should be considered for ads.

  1. Above the Fold

Above the fold is a section of a website that’s visible without scrolling. This is another way of saying your crypto banner ad should be in a visible area of your website. The most relevant ads should always be placed at the top of your site’s landing page for optimised engagement. 

Furthermore, your crypto banner ad box should naturally blend with the background. An intrusive ad may mess up your user experience. It could also irritate and frustrate your users, who may be forced to exit your page. 

  1. Popular Pages

Every website has a section that generates the most traffic. These sections are known as Popular or Top Pages

A Popular Page could be used to funnel the customer journey towards the company’s products and services. Popular Pages are an easy sell for crypto ad placements. It is only smart to insert a crypto banner ad on this part of your page.

A crypto ad placed here would benefit from the high-volume exposure, increasing your chances of hitting your targets in no time.

top pages banner ads
Place your banners on Top or Popular Pages of your website. They improve banner ads CTR

Deciding where to place banner ads on your website is important in order to optimize their visibility and effectiveness. Here are some tips for placing banner ads on your website:

  1. Above the fold: Place banner ads above the fold, which is the area of the website that is visible without having to scroll down. This ensures that users see the ad right away.
  2. Near the content: Place banner ads near the content that is relevant to the ad. For example, if you are advertising a cryptocurrency trading platform, place the ad near an article about cryptocurrency trading.
  3. In the header: Placing banner ads in the header of the website can increase visibility as it is one of the first things users see when they land on the website.
  4. Along the sidebar: Placing banner ads along the sidebar can be effective as users often skim through the content of the website and are likely to notice the ads placed there.
  5. In-between content: Placing banner ads in between content can be effective as users are more likely to notice the ad while they are reading the content.
  6. At the bottom of the page: Placing banner ads at the bottom of the page can be effective as users may see the ad as they are scrolling down to exit the page.

When placing banner ads on your website, it is important to not overdo it. Too many ads can overwhelm users and make the website look cluttered. It is vital to balance the number of ads and the user experience. Additionally, consider the size and format of the ads and ensure they are optimized for placement on the website.

Improving the Performance of Your Crypto Banner Ads

Once you’ve positioned your ad box in the best part of your site, the next step is to monitor and improve its performance. Although the list is not exhaustive, we have curated some of the best practices you can start with to improve the performance of your banner ads.

  • Using a General Location

We all cringe when we visit a website that’s full of ads. Most times, you end up closing them or activating an Ad Blocker. 

Most publishers naturally take steps to reduce the number of ads they cram into a particular page. As smart as that may sound, it may not raise your CTR. A better solution would be to collate several banner ads into a single ad system while enabling them to operate as moving objects. 

Still operating in a general location, you can fit in as many ads as you want without disrupting the audience flow.

  • Content Blocks Per Widget

Content blocks help you display content from a specific post in a widget. When it comes to improving your ad box’s performance, stick with a limited number of content blocks per widget, maybe 3 or 4 to better utilize the space for images and visuals.

  • Be Creative

The average human attention span is eight seconds. Once you have your visitor’s full and undivided attention, you need to maximize it. You can do this by keeping them fixated on what you offer. This is where the creative use of words, color, and images comes into play. This is why you should recommend your advertisers/clients to use words relevant to their market and audiences. They should also spruce it up with appropriate visuals. Remember that the message must be short and direct.

  • Clear Unity of Form And Color

Unity should be the principal focus when rolling out crypto banner ads. The fonts, design theme, and color scheme should be uniform. You also need to take into cognisance the background beneath the ad. Any discrepancy here would largely represent poor craftsmanship and the loss of trust of your users.

creative banner ads
  • Use a Strong Call to Action (CTA)

The end game is to make users commit. This is where a strong call to action comes into play. A user may go through an ad and get lost on the next steps to take. Place a strong CTA and show them the next step to take. 

Also, ensure that CTAs are visually engaging and hard to ignore by using bold colours, content, and font. Let it pop up, to stimulate the user’s reaction.

Quick Tips on Placing Crypto Ads On Popular Website Types

While optimizing crypto ads for your website may be a great idea, streamlining them into other platforms could be largely beneficial. This would greatly increase the impressions and invariably the CTR. After all, webmasters should also not neglect to advertise their websites, and their content.  This section outlines some of the best tips for such ad placements.

  1. Blogs and News Outlets

Blogging platforms and news websites generate a large viewer base. You can easily tap into this thriving space. 

But where do you place your crypto ad for maximum interaction? The smartest solution is the most obvious. Place it above the fold. This would generally be at the top of the content or in the most visible part of the page. Another option would be to place it on the sidebar of the page. Remember to make it mobile and able to flow with the user’s reading speed.

  1. Video Streaming Websites

Online video platforms or streaming websites are also viable options. You can place your crypto ad above the video player or below it with online video streaming platforms. A side-bar approach would not be feasible in this instance due to the dimension of the video player.

  1. Online Service/Tools

You can also tap into other regular websites like software and app download platforms. Here, you can insert your crypto banner ad at the end when a user completes a task. The ad should preferably be a popup. 


This article explored all the tips needed to run successful banner ads on your website. Deciding where to place your banners is as important as the ad itself. We recommend placing crypto banners Above the Fold and on Popular Pages. In addition, your advertisers should always be creative with the design and messaging, as it is the only right way to stand out. Ensure the images and words align with your message, and this is how you reach conversions that would end up in happy clients. And happy clients always come back!

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