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How A/B Testing Helps to Continuously Improve Ad Campaigns’ Performance

How A/B Testing Helps to Continuously Improve Ad Campaigns’ Performance

A/B testing is known as split testing and is vital when running any type of ad campaign. It allows you to test 2 versions of an advert, website, or landing page to see which performs best. Users are shown variants at random, allowing you to fine tune and optimize your campaign.

But just how important is it to use A/B testing crypto ad campaigns? Well, the answer is simple – incredibly. You should be using A/B testing for every campaign you run. And we’re going to explain why!

Why does A/B testing help advertisers advertise more efficiently?

When you run A/B testing, you’re gathering data about your audience and what your audience prefers. Over time, you can then use this data to build more effective advertising campaigns. Ideally you only change1 or 2 small elements of the campaign and compare the difference in performance.

If done correctly, you should see increased conversion rates, reduced bounce rates and improved content engagement. Ensuring that your audience is split as randomly as possible will allow you to get a more authentic data set. Once the campaign is over, you’ll have empirical evidence as to what your audience loves the most. You can then use this next time around to create even more engaging ads!

How do you test a marketing campaign?

When you’re setting up your A/B testing campaign, you want to keep the 2 versions as similar as possible. Change 1 or 2 small things, such as CTAs, taglines, and imagery. Then, monitor the performance of both campaigns and see which brings you the best results. You can go deeper into this and create 4 or 8 different versions of your campaign, swapping up the elements and testing them in every possible combination.

Before you begin, set up a plan of how you’re going to measure results. Will it be conversion rate, click through rate, more comments, or perhaps more signups. Whatever your goal is, make sure that you’ve got the right tracking in place and a way to measure it.

You’ll also want to create a timeline for your test. Define this at the beginning so that you know how long you’ve got to measure results and when you can certify one version as better than the other.

What Types of Crypto Advertising A/B Tests Should You Try?

There are different elements that you can change and test when it comes to your crypto ad campaign. So, let’s run through these now so that you can get an idea of what you need to be testing. But before we do that, let us say 1 thing. Make sure you have a reason for testing something, a hypothesis if you will. Otherwise, you’re aimlessly changing elements and hoping for results.

Message Testing

You can look to test the message that your crypto ad is giving, and this is a common A/B testing option. Whether you’re changing the length, CTAs, or the style of the text, these are all great places to begin. Not everyone responds to the same sort of message, so shake it up and test it to see what works best with your audience.

Landing Page Testing

When someone clicks on your A/B testing ad, they’ll be taken to a landing page. Try testing these landing pages and change the elements. Whether you mix up the imagery, message, or form placement, it can all make a difference.

Imagery Testing

Finally, you can test out the imagery that you’re using in your campaign. Swap out corporate style imagery for something more relaxed and casual to see if it has an impact on performance. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Make sure you’re Testing!

If you’re going to be running pay-per-click ads, make sure that you’re A/B testing them. It takes a bit of time to set up, but the rewards are well worth your time. A/B testing your crypto display ads could be the difference between campaign success and failure, so make sure that you A/B test your display ads!

Bitmedia’s platform allows you to quickly, efficiently and tweak your A/B testing strategy on the fly. Put the right tools in the hands of your marketing experts so that they can achieve the best results possible!

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