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How To Increase Conversion Rate of a Crypto Landing Page?

How To Increase Conversion Rate of a Crypto Landing Page?

Landing page conversion rate should matter to every crypto platform that intends to carve out a market share of online clients. When it comes to the blockchain industry, improving conversions often becomes an incremental part of the project’s success since your landing page is exactly where prospective leads and crypto traffic attracted by display ads will flock to. 

What is a good landing page conversion rate for a website?

Let us hit you with some stats. Over a quarter of every account has below 1% conversion rates. The average landing page conversion rates oscillate close to 2.35%, while those accounts that are ranked amongst the top 25% have at least 5.31%. Those that are in the league of top 10% of Google Ads advertisers have average landing page conversion rates of 11.45%. At the same time, advertisers that are achieving 5% conversion rates are doing better than 75% of their counterparts, but it won’t be a bad idea to grow past that number. 

“Moving past the landing page conversion rate benchmark of 5%, and aiming for 10%, 20%, or even higher is feasible”

Those that achieve landing page conversion rates of 3x to 5x higher than the average landing page conversion rates, will lead the pack. So how exactly do you achieve a 5% average and go beyond it, capturing all the incoming website traffic? Let’s find out!

How can I improve my landing page conversion rates?

Now that the ‘what is a good conversion rate for a landing page‘ question has been answered, these are the steps that advertisers should take to achieve landing page conversion optimization.

• Your offer should be clear

When carrying out landing page optimization, crypto exchanges should apply optimal wisdom in carrying out their strategy. Customers need to experience positive emotions when they come across the landing page. They want to be excited and feel appreciated. Landing pages should be designed with the client’s specific goal in mind. 

• Declutter the landing page 

Some blockchain-based platforms confuse converting landing pages as those that are filled with visual clutter of a lot of information, but that is not the case. A simple landing page that focuses on driving visitors to carry out the crucial activity, call to action, is better. Dropbox’s landing pages are innovative and convert users without having to open a lot of words. 

Add reviews

In this day and age, testimonials are clever ways to convert visitors into clients. People love to read reviews from past and existing clients about your products or services. How did the product or service make them feel? Social proof is important to everyone and pack mentality runs at the helm of it. According to Trust Pilot, nine out of ten people read reviews before they make a purchase. Adding reviews to the landing page imbibes trust in visitors, which leads to higher landing page conversion rates.

How To Increase Conversion Rate of a Crypto Landing Page?
Truthful reviews about your company increase a customer confidence

• Input an exit popup

Another way to create converting landing pages is to incorporate an exit popup in them. The exit popup will show up once the visitor tries to leave and often serve as the last resort of user retention. It is a great way to remind what your crypto project is all about, and how it can become life changing. Yes, loud words do also work!

• Incorporate the live chat option in the landing page

A live chat with support can do wonders, especially when it comes to the intricacies of the crypto world. When a visitor is scrolling through, they may have questions that need to be answered immediately, and may not want to head to the company’s social media channel to lay inquiries. Adding the live chat option allows visitors to easily ask questions and have them answered immediately. 

Implement a live chat with your customers
Implement a live chat with your customers – this will increase the level of trust and interest in your product. It also boosts conversions

• The call-to-action buttons should be straightforward

Some landing pages design their call-to-action buttons to be complicated to stand out from their competitors. The typical reader does not want to be stressed out or confused, and may not be patient enough to decipher what your call-to-action button means or leads to. It is advisable to make it vivid and easy to understand.

CTA buttons encourage users to make a purchase on a website site or register an account

• Input contact information

After trying to convince the visitor to become part of your breakthrough crypto project, it is important that they get a clear idea of how to contact your brand in case of any issues or simply to inquire for more information. Landing page conversion rate can be improved by merely adding contact information to major social media channels. After all, the crypto industry is often about trust and trust can be gained by being easy to reach.

crypto industry is often about trust and trust can be gained by being easy to reach.

• Consistency in design

Brand messaging should be similar across the different channels. Typically, converting landing pages should be designed to offer similar images, text, and other elements that were seen in the ad to their landing page. This similarity helps users feel more at home, and therefore, prone to signing up to the crypto’s next big thing. 

How to increase the conversion rate of a crypto landing page:

  1. Keep it simple and clear: Your landing page should be simple and clear with a strong and concise value proposition. Visitors should be able to understand what your product or service is about within seconds of arriving on the page.
  2. Highlight benefits: Focus on the benefits of your product or service rather than just features. Explain how your product or service can solve a problem or meet a need for the visitor.
  3. Use high-quality visuals: Use high-quality visuals such as images, videos, and graphics to help explain your product or service and make it more engaging for the visitor.
  4. Use social proof: Social proof can be a powerful tool to increase trust and credibility. Include testimonials, reviews, and case studies from satisfied customers on your landing page.
  5. Optimize for mobile: With more and more people using mobile devices to browse the internet, it’s essential to optimize your landing page for mobile. Make sure the page is responsive and loads quickly on mobile devices.
  6. Use a clear call to action: A clear call to action (CTA) is essential to guide visitors towards the next step in the conversion process. Make sure the CTA is prominent and stands out on the page.
  7. Include trust signals: Trust signals such as security badges, guarantees, and certifications can help increase trust and credibility with visitors.
  8. Test and optimize: Finally, it’s important to test and optimize your landing page regularly. Use A/B testing to experiment with different variations of the page and see what works best for your audience.


Improving conversion is not a Herculean task that demands the advertiser or brand to cough out a lot of money to achieve. The aforementioned steps can go a long way to cross the landing page conversion rate benchmark. So do follow them closely and may the crypto traffic be with you!

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