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Bitmedia.IO and UBIDEX Forge Transformative Partnership to Revolutionize iGaming Retargeting

Bitmedia.IO and UBIDEX Forge Transformative Partnership to Revolutionize iGaming Retargeting

Hi, Bitmediars! The new year 2024 has started actively and we are confidently developing together with our clients and partners! Bitmedia.IO, the premier crypto advertising platform, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with UBIDEX, a pioneering force in cutting-edge retargeting and retention solutions for the iGaming industry. With a shared vision of transforming retargeting implementation, this partnership aims to deliver enhanced solutions and unparalleled value to companies operating in the iGaming sector.

UBIDEX, celebrated for its innovative digital advertising approach, brings a wealth of expertise in retargeting and retention strategies designed to elevate user engagement and conversion rates. This collaboration seamlessly aligns with Bitmedia.IO’s commitment to delivering crypto casino and gambling traffic to targeted users and GEOs.

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Key Features of Bitmedia & UBIDEX Collaboration:

  • Detailed targeting options
  • Frequency capping and ad rerun tools
  • Ad campaign optimization (white-, blacklists)
  • Retargeting and user retention
  • Advanced events attribution system (post-view & post-click)
  • Cross-format ads
  • Auto-bidding optimization
  • Open RTB-enabled supply sources
  • Regular reporting (new dashboard for advertisers)
  • Custom ad (banner) design
  • Data integration from data providers, partners, and other platforms
  • Effectiveness that brings results

The collaboration was officially announced in January 2024, with both companies expressing excitement about the partnership’s goals and strategy.

Oleg Martynenko, Founder and CEO at UBIDEX, stated,

“Partnering with Bitmedia reinforces our commitment to delivering genuine value to our clients, facilitating the establishment of direct connections with niche, high-converting supply-side partners. This collaboration not only broadens our clients’ outreach and user acquisition but also equips them with valuable insights and recommendations to enhance their overall user experience.”

Matvii Diadkov, founder at Bitmedia.IO, shared,

“Last year we attracted 25% more customers from the gaming sector, and this trend continues this year. That is why partnering with companies that provide quality gambling traffic is very important to us. Together with UBIDEX, we can provide a continuous flow of quality converting traffic to the target audience. Retargeting is an important feature that increases the reach of target users and high engagement. Targeting opportunities with Bitmedia plus retargeting options with UBIDEX are powerful tools that allow us to significantly increase conversion and ensure the growth of advertising effectiveness for our clients’ iGaming projects.”

Bitmedia.IO specializes in advertising projects related to crypto, metaverse and NFTs, DeFi and GameFi, crypto-gambling, and betting.

UBIDEX focuses on niches such as crypto casinos, online casinos, betting, and gambling.

The collaboration aims to enhance user engagement and personalization, fostering more focused communication and bolstering overall user contentment. From now on, our clients’ gambling projects will receive even more high-quality traffic and conversions thanks to the programmatic retargeting of users!

Case Studies by Bitmedia for Casino Projects:

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More about UBIDEX:

UBIDEX is the leading toolkit for cookieless retargeting, custom audience collection, and programmatic media buying. By integrating exceptional features with high performance, UBIDEX’s innovative technology facilitates the seamless execution of effective user retargeting and retention campaigns. UBIDEX provides clients with an enhanced ability to collect cookie-less audiences, track first-party user events, efficiently execute retargeting campaigns using niche traffic suppliers, and accurately measure post-view and post-click attribution.