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Building a Consistent Brand Image in Crypto Advertising

Building a Consistent Brand Image in Crypto Advertising

A brand is what one sees when one comes across your ad, landing page, copy, social media pages, and any public communication targeting your prospects. 

Impeccable branding should resonate, leave an impact, and remain consistent. In crypto, businesses must also establish trust and credibility. 88 percent of global consumers say credibility plays a valuable role when choosing the correct brand. In today’s hypercompetitive age, businesses that lack a credible personality will continue bleeding prospects.

The audience must also recognize the presence of a brand consistently. Business leaders know a lot about this and its significance in attracting new customers, the only problem is that 85% of organizations will set out brand guidelines and only 30% will execute them constantly.

The crypto advertising platform Bitmedia.IO is a genuine solution that helps crypto businesses stand out in the crowded blockchain market. Advertisers can build stable brand recognition using our platform’s extensive portfolio of advertising tools, audience engagement tools, and crypto promotion services.

We will explore the significance of building a reliable brand image in crypto advertising. 

Understanding Brand Image in Crypto Advertising

Brand image is the perception that prospects and consumers have about a business. This perception cuts across the values, personality, mission, authenticity, and purpose of the business through verbal, visual, and emotive communication elements. 

The purpose of every branding element is to instill confidence, loyalty, and faith. After laying out these elements, crypto projects must execute them throughout their public communication channels, internal announcements and overall design language

It is not an easy undertaking, suffice to say the least. The industry loses over $1 billion every year to scams. This shows that prospects will mostly approach crypto businesses carefully. If they can spot any red-flags when conducting due diligence, they are most probably not to interact with the brand. Hence, business leaders in the sector must always strive to build trust because the crypto community depends on it.

Moreover, the crypto industry continues to face regulatory challenges to the extent of witnessing outright bans on crypto-related advertisements.

The first step to tackle these challenges would be to understand the target audience. With a sound grasp of the challenges facing your target, it becomes easier to convey a consistent brand image. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What problems do they face? 
  2. How are you going to address these problems? 

Write down these problems, and define a roadmap that contains the steps you will follow to solve these problems for your prospects. Remember every project has a goal, and that goal is built strongly around a solution to your target’s pain points. There are those times when some of your target audience won’t know they are facing a challenge. This is why its crucial for you to define the problem at length, and be consistent. 

Have you come across a business with a perfect brand identity but has failed to maintain consistency? They exist. The problem with this is one, the cryptocurrency industry is moving so quickly and there is always a buzzword to adapt to. If a company is unable to stick to its fundamentals, maintaining consistency in the industry becomes tough. Thereby making it difficult for prospects to recognize the brand across different advertising channels. 

Copy, messaging and public announcements must also be consistent in tone. This will go a long way in ensuring the business is universally recognizable. 

Elements of Strong Brand Visibility

Successful crypto branding unifies the voice, visual identity and objectives of a business. These elements are essential for ensuring the business stands out among its peers. 

Unified Visual Identify

A good brand identity must reflect uniformity across its designs. Some of the aspects that are required to stand out visually and uniformly include:

  • The logo
  • Landing Pages
  • Emails
  • Newsletters
  • Social Media Images

These are the first aspects one will notice when they visit your LinkedIn business page, or website or whenever they open your newsletter. If they are good and well-designed, they will evoke an emotional connection between the business and the prospect. 

Unified Messaging

The benefits of consistent brand messaging include the ability of your business to stand out in the crowd, ensuring long-term growth, and strengthening the relationship with consumers.

Maintaining persistency in branding and messaging involves each of the following steps:

– Create a brand guideline

Guidelines ensure all aspects of public communication remain consistent with each marketing strategy. They also provide guidance, structure, and a roadmap for developing consistency in branding. Anyone creating content for the business can also use the guidelines as a reference tool. Thereby making sure content is consistent.

– Campaign Optimization across all Channels

Do not build brand guidelines and leave them there. Improve performance of your advertising campaigns by testing accordingly. Remember you are advertising on different channels, using different strategies. Therefore, it is crucial to monitor perfomance using analytics and reporting. 

Bitmedia prepared a beginner’s guide to A/B testing to help marketers track their campaigns. The methods in the guide are applicable across both online and offline channels. 

– Transparency

Transparency is a fundamental component of branding. Web3 Businesses should strive to remain open about their objectives, progress and challenges. Frequently update your targeted audience and ensure to engage in open, honest, and reliable communication. Don’t be that brand that says one thing in the morning, and says another because they lied in the first place.

Targeting the Right Audience

Brands lose $37 billion in ad spend due to wrong audience targeting. Careless targeting results in skipped ads, irrelevant content and wastage of budget. 

Bitmedia.IO offers a diverse range of targeting features to help businesses reach the right audience. The cryptocurrency advertising platform targets users based on interests, location, and their devices.

Are you ready to enhance your brand image and take your business to the next level? 

Crypto brand image cuts across all aspects of your project’s communication. Bitmedia.IO tailored advertising solutions for all types of blockchain projects. This ensures ventures in the industry find genuine leads and forge deep connections with their existing prospects.