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How to Monetize Your Blog or Website and Turn It into a Real Business!

How to Monetize Your Blog or Website and Turn It into a Real Business!

If you’re debating whether you should monetize your blog or not, then you’re in the right place. Monetizing content is not simple, but with the right help and guidance, you too can monetize your website and make it finally work for you.

So, let’s run through everything from A-Z and get your content monetization plans off to a flying start!

What is Website Content Monetization?

First, let’s cover what website monetization is and how online traffic monetization works. Simply put, website and content monetization is the process of getting paid for your content or running a website.

As a content creator, you can either do it by contributing your content to marketplaces, directly to other companies or by doing paid posts. Your other option is to run ads on your site using an ad network. This way, you publish content for free and monetize on the display ads impressions and clicks.

If you opt for selling your content or a product placement, then you can look for the best deals and shop around. You can also haggle with affiliate managers to get the best deal for traffic from your content.

For ads, you can pick a range of ad sizes and categories that are related to your audience, allowing you to profitably run your site.

How to Monetize Content?

We touched on it briefly just now, but let’s go into more detail. There are dozens of marketplaces where you can sell articles on your website, allowing you to set the price for content and backlinks. This is a common way to monetize content, with some of the top sites charging more than $5,000 for a single link.

You can also review products and include affiliate links, which allow you to earn money if your readers buy a product or deposit at a website. These are both fantastic ways to earn money if you pick the products you’re promoting well, and your readers are interested.

Last but not least come the ad networks. If you’ve designed your website well, you should earn nicely with CPM or CPC deals. CPA deals generally earn you more money but getting readers to convert can often be a challenge. Nonetheless, monetizing from banners is often considered as the pinnacle of website traffic monetization as it allows for inflow of funds whilst you take care of the new amazing content. 

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Who are Content Publishers?

A content publisher is anyone with a website or blog that publishes the content. These people take the content made by content creators and upload it to their website. Think news outlets, review sites and more…

They’re usually in charge of keeping the website running and doing all the admin stuff behind the scenes. These are the people that will develop the ad tags and implement tracking links for affiliate traffic. It’s often your webmaster, but if you’re a one-man band, it’s you who’s running the show!

What Are the Benefits of Monetizing Your Content?

If you’re looking at the benefits and deciding whether you should look at digital content monetization, then you’re going to love this list of benefits that we’ve made – check it out!

#1 – Win More Business

If you’re already open to earning on a commission basis, then you‘ll already be a shining star in the eyes of advertisers. They’ll be more comfortable working with you and doing business with you knowing that you’ve got some experience and deliver results.

#2 – Long-Term Earnings

If you manage to secure a revenue deal with an advertiser or a banner ad network, you’ll earn money for life. And this is all thanks to the traffic that your website attracts. Go about the content you publish wisely. The more evergreen your content is, the longer it will keep attracting the public via organic search. 

#3 – Enhanced Tracking

Tracking capabilities are primary to website traffic monetization. This in turn gives you more in-depth information and statistics on your users. You can then use this extra information to create more tailored content, and provide better metrics to advertisers, which will in turn improve ad campaigns. 

#4 – Repeat Customers

If you deliver high quality content to your readers, the leads that you generate for advertisers will also be high quality. Advertisers spend more money building long-term and repeat partnership deals with the best performing content publishers, meaning that you’ll end up with more budget to create and publish high-quality content. In this world, everyone wins!

#5 – Optimization

If you’re working with an advertiser on a performance-based deal, you’re going to optimize the heck out of your content, website, and ad placement. Who benefits from this? Everyone!

Your readers get better content that’s easier to read and more enjoyable, your advertising partner gets better results, and your bank account ends up with more digits in it.

2 Key Priorities for Successful Content Creators

Want to know what makes a content creator successful? We’re going to share key priorities that all successful content creators have in common so that you too can be successful. After all, it wouldn’t be fair to hog all the secrets, would it?

#1 – Looking After the Audience

Create informative and useful content for your audience. Keep it engaging and to their tastes. You can use the plethora of data points that you gather from them to do this, making your job easier than ever.

Finally, don’t be afraid to keep modernizing your website and optimizing it for user experience. If your site is full of ads and looks a mess, people won’t want to return. So, give your site some TLC and make sure it’s perfect for your audience. A happy audience is a profitable audience!

#2 – Figure Out the Best Way to Monetize Your Content

There’s a fine line between perfecting your website monetization models and ruining it. If you’re running too many ads or sponsored posts, your website will lose its touch and feel. If you don’t use enough of these features, you won’t earn any money.

You need to find the perfect balance between paid content and original home-grown content. It might take a bit of time. But don’t be afraid to test it out!

Go Get ‘Em, Tiger!

Now you’re armed with all the knowledge on how website monetization works, you too can become a content monetization pro. If you do your homework and put in the effort, you can be turning 6-figures in no time at all. Just make sure you look after your audience and they’ll look after you!

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