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Common Reasons Why Your Website Traffic is Dropping

Common Reasons Why Your Website Traffic is Dropping

There’s nothing more terrifying than checking your analytics and seeing that your traffic is dropping off, or nonexistent. For many, it’s panic stations and hours of freaking out, but for others, it’s a time to get analytical and hunt for some bugs.

Today we’re exploring the common reasons as to why your website traffic might be dropping and why it could have vanished all together. Don’t worry, most of these are simple fixes!

Traffic is Decreasing

If your analytics are showing that you’re still getting traffic, but it’s on the decline, then there are a few issues that could be plaguing your site. If you run paid ad campaigns and this is the main source of your regular traffic, it could be that your ads are no longer working as well as they should and you simply need to put the new ones in place.

It could also be related to your content. It’s hype today and not so hype tomorrow. It could just be that your content is catering to a topic or fad that’s no longer popular. Check out the search intent for your keywords and see if that’s dropping off. If that’s the case, it’s time to revisit your original targeting strategy.

Here are other reasons why your traffic could be decreasing:

  • Analytics code is broken
  • Server overload
  • Meta description issues
  • Google updates
  • Global traffic is lower
  • Other website issues
  • Your display ads haven’t been updated

You’re Slipping Down the High Traffic Scale

All websites have varying degrees of traffic, but what makes a high-traffic crypto website and what’s a low-traffic website? Well, everyone has their own idea on this, but Alexa is probably the best authority on this. According to Alexa, the global website ranking site, this is the breakdown of bands based on unique users per day:

·  tiny < 100

·  small <300

·  medium < 1,000

·  large < 5,000

·  huge < 10,000

·  other > 10,000

So, a reason that your traffic could be dropping is that you’re sliding down this scale. But not to fear, you can fix that fairly easily. The reason behind you sliding down the scale could be related to search intent or global traffic. Alternatively, if your server can’t handle all the traffic or your website is now loading more slowly, then these will also impact your traffic levels.

Traffic Impacting Google Ranking

The way Google and other search engines rank sites is constantly changing. One common misconception is that traffic volume impacts how well you rank. In fact, it couldn’t be further from the truth. A website with 5 daily visitors could rank better than a website with 10,000 daily visitors.

The reason for this confusion is that Google does rank based on interaction. This means that if your search engine results are clicked on more than others, your website traffic rankings will be higher. This factor shows Google that you’re authoritative and rewards you with a rankings boost. People in turn believe this means traffic = better ranking. It’s fairly easy to see where the confusion comes from, but the 2 items are drastically different.

To boost your engagement levels in SERPS, you need to optimize your page titles and meta descriptions. While the meta description no longer has any ranking impact, it’s the selling line that’s there to grab attention and make traffic click on your result rather than someone else’s. Spice it up and make it work as hard as possible. If it works well, you’ll enjoy a nice boost in rankings and blockchain traffic!

Organic Traffic is Dropping

There are many reasons why your organic traffic drops, but it’s usually a quick and easy fix. First up, check your analytics code to make sure that’s all working fine and dandy. If that’s not the solution, check to see if there were any Google updates. Now, Google doesn’t talk about the smaller ones, but a lot of top SEO experts will explain them and their changes. It could be a small update that went live and it made a slight impact on your site.

On the other hand, search intent could be changing. What this means is that people are no longer searching for your type of content in the same volumes. Look at the travel industry, for example. As soon as COVID-19 hit, search volumes for travel dropped drastically, as well as the search intent. Rather than searching to book vacations, people started to look for where to travel during the pandemic.

It could be that one of these types of shifts has occurred and hit your crypto traffic. Spend some time checking out organic traffic search volumes and intent as this is likely your best bet here.

Get Your Website Traffic Back Up!

Now you know about the factors that impact your website traffic negatively, you can be more active in protecting it. Stay on top of Google updates and stay up to date with the current trends. If you are running a dropshipping website with a current focus on fidget spinners, but they’re no longer a hot topic, then you need to know and change up your content. Likewise, spending lots of time popularizing your crypto blog with ICO projects’ updates is also a thing of the past. Alternatively, if you’re running paid ads and you’re seeing a dip in traffic, you can refine your campaigns. Try new artwork, new targeting settings and run times. Just one small tweak can unlock the full potential of your ads and your website traffic!

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