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Top 10 Common Monetization Mistakes Made By Webmasters – Part 2

Top 10 Common Monetization Mistakes Made By Webmasters – Part 2

We’ve already explored 5 top monetization mistakes, 6 if you count the bonus, in our previous article. If you missed that, you can check it out here. Now we move onto Part 2 of our content monetization mistakes investigation in a bid to help you become the best publisher out there!

#7 – Neglecting Your Audience

Being neglected isn’t nice or fun at all, so don’t neglect your audience. Low-quality content created just for giggles is never of help, including when you are looking to fill some sort of quota. Your audiences come to you for your renowned high-quality and informative content, so don’t slack.

If you start to neglect your website visitors with half-baked content and a poorly optimized website, your traffic numbers will drop. This in turn wipes out your CPM performance and you’re left with a rather sorry state of affairs when you expect the gears to run smoothly.

#8 – Not Understanding Statistics

Just in case you’re looking to impress in reports, chances are you’ll want to blurt out stuff about CPM rate or number of impressions, but this is a terrible way to evaluate the success of traffic monetization. Instead, look at your account balance. If you’ve made lots of money, then you know it’s working. If not, you need to fine tune your monetization methods.

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Once you’ve looked at your finances, then look at ways to improve your CPM. If you are going to look at CPM, add an extra filter onto it, such as by geolocation or device. This gives you a more granular look at the stats and helps you realistically improve.

#9 – Choosing the Right Ad Location

Cool, you’ve got your website and now you want to do some traffic monetization. But what if you’ve not designed your website with this type of use case in mind. Will it work? Probably not!

It’s amazing how little effort goes into deciding where CTAs go and ad placement on websites. By analyzing where your traffic is looking by using heatmap tools, you can see where your reader’s eyes are. Then, redesign your pages and stick your ads there. If you’ve not got eyes on your ads, then they might as well not be there!

#10 – Using Plain Jane Color Schemes

When you are building your ad tag with your ad network partner, you’ll be able to change the color of backgrounds, text and more. If you’re using the default color scheme, it might look out of place on your site. Don’t be afraid to ask your developer to make it blend in with your website’s theme. If your developer can’t do it, your ad network partner will give you pointers.

By blending in the ads with your website’s color theme, you’re showing your audience that you care, think back to tip #7, and you’re making the ads less obvious. This means that they feel more natural, and people are more likely to click on them, boosting your CPA revenue!

#11 – Not Leveraging Your Data

If you know that your audience has particular preferences thanks to the data you collect, play to that advantage. You can discuss your ad needs and preferences with your ad network partner so that you show ads that are relevant to your audience. If you do this, then you’ve got a far greater chance of keeping your audience happy and making more money from the ads that you’re showing.

Monetize Your Website Traffic Like A Pro!

Now you know the biggest mistakes that you can make, it’s time to stop making them. Put all these points together and use it like a checklist before you launch your next banner space for display ad campaigns.

Bitmedia has a full suite of tools available that will help you to reduce the mistakes that can be made. There’s also a support team ready to dive into your ad tags and help you optimize them, giving you the best chance at monetizing your traffic! Happy monetizing!

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