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CPM vs CPA for Crypto Projects – Which Works Better?

CPM vs CPA for Crypto Projects – Which Works Better?

If you’re looking to buy crypto traffic, you’ll be well aware that there are a few different price models for you to pick from. But, just what is Cost Per Milli (CPM) and Cost Per Action (CPA)? Earlier we have already discussed the difference between CPM and CPC, now let’s compare CPM with CPA. How do these two models differ, and which works best for crypto projects? Let’s find out!

What is CPM?

The CPM meaning is Cost Per Mille, or thousand. These types of ads are very popular for the fact that it’s cheap to run, when compared to CPA cryptocurrency. The CPM model cost is calculated for every 1,000 impressions. This means that every 1,000 times your ad is viewed, you get billed. While this is cheaper, it’s much harder to achieve tangible results for your spend. This is because you’re charged based on how many people view your ad, rather than click-through or complete a specific action.

In the crypto world, CPM stands out as a great choice for display advertisers and crypto arbitrage companies looking for the ever important brand awareness. Using display ad networks to get the best placement at rock bottom prices helps increase those margins.

What is CPA?

The CPA meaning is Cost Per Action and an effective CPA network can be highly effective. CPA ads are more expensive than a CPM campaign, but the cost directly translates into new users, rather than people looking at your pretty artwork. If you’re looking to get new users to sign up to your platform and you’ve got a killer landing page, CPA can work out as an extremely cost-effective option.

While crypto CPA offers do work well for bitcoin affiliate marketing, it does lose out slightly to CPA owing to the fact that a well optimized CPM campaign could yield better results. However, if you want a specific action to be completed, CPA is a good choice for your crypto audience

Which Crypto Offers Should I Pick?

The crypto world is booming, with ICOs, STOs, IEOs and cross-chain launches happening at a greater rate than ever before. This poses the dilemma for affiliates due to the fact that there are so many crypto offers out there. Picking the right one can be very difficult, especially as there are so many scams in the crypto offer world, with some projects never paying for the traffic you send.

The best crypto offers have a clear and clean message, have good transparency and pay out frequently. Do check reviews and feedback on each project to ensure that you’re on to a winner. As Facebook and Google continue to clamp down on cryptocurrency arbitrage ads, we can expect this market to explode even more than it already has in the coming months and years.

The Pros and Cons of CPM and CPA

If you’re still on the fence and aren’t sure as to whether you should run a CPM or CPA campaign, hopefully this list of pros and cons will help you make your mind up.



·  Low cost to run.

·  Works great for ad arbitrage.

·  Brand awareness.

·  Well optimized CPM can perform better than CPA.


·  Poorly optimized LP can yield low conversions.

·  Impressions aren’t visits.



·  Only pay if you get a new sale or lead.

·  Highly targeted.

·  Cost effective.


·  High price per action.

·  Optimized CPM campaigns may perform better.

·  CPA arbitrage opportunities can be hard to come across.

A lot of the results and performance will be down to how well optimized landing pages are, how attractive the crypto offers are and how good the design of the ad is. Combine this with ad placement and you’ve got the perfect storm that makes CPA vs CPM a potentially confusing situation. Worry not though! Our team of specialists, teaming with experience and knowledge, are always on hand to make the decision making process and getting your ads live as easy as possible. 

CPM is King for Crypto Markets

If you’re looking to run ads in the crypto world, CPM stands out as the clear favorite. Most crypto offers are very attractive and come with a range of well-designed landing pages. This means that your CPM campaign is more likely to result in a decent click-through rate, leading to a lower campaign cost than if you opted for a CPA deal.

There are so many sites offering high-quality crypto CPA traffic, and they cover a broad range of niches within the crypto world. This specific and highly focused range of sites allows you to leverage all the benefits and powers that a CPM campaign has to offer. Bitmedia’s publishers are the cream of the crop, meaning your ads have the best chance at succeeding. 

So, when you buy crypto traffic, you’re better off looking to use a CPM campaign and optimize your landing page as much as possible. It will reward you in both the short and long term!

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