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Crypto PR & The Required Elements of a Crypto Press Release

Crypto PR & The Required Elements of a Crypto Press Release

What is a Crypto Press Release?

A crypto press release is an easy way to get the right media coverage for your crypto project, initial coin offering (ICO), or blockchain concept. It presents a unique opportunity to pitch your ideas to the public, and custodians of the media industry – journalists and influencers.

Additionally, a crypto press release is content that follows a strict written format. It usually entails a 350 to 800-word article that details vital information about your company and message.

However, writing a great crypto PR for your fledgling idea is no mean feat, especially if you lack the technical know-how. Given this, we have curated the press release requirements to create great content for your company, and get your announcement as much attention as possible. That being said, Bitmedia is not just a crypto-specific ad network. Our specialists cover all channels that fall under marketing and can not only craft just the right release for you but also distribute it via the most effective publications and wires. 

Crypto Press Release Template Example

What Should A Crypto Press Release Include?

You need to know the expected press release elements to stand a good chance at achieving success.

All press releases follow the same PR format; however, it may differ slightly based on the reason for the release, the media format to be used, and the main goal of the PR effort.

Below are some crucial details your crypto press release should come with to communicate effectively to your target audience:

  1. Company Logo

Your company logo should take the top spot in your press release format. Why? Placing it at the top makes it easy for your readers to visually identify with your project. 

When forwarding your press release to the media, remember to include a high-quality company logo with a company name attached. This can be in the popular Portable Graphics Network format, otherwise known as .png, that has no background. It could also be delivered as a vector image in any of the following formats: .ai, .esp, .svg, or .cdr. 

  1. Release Date or Dateline

The next item on the press release requirements is your release date or deadline. This usually states when you want your crypto press release to hit the internet and should be written in bold and all caps. Another important detail is the time zone you want the press release to be published. An instance is “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” if you intend to distribute it as soon as possible. 

Otherwise, you can send it ahead for a future release. You will need to include a publishing date and time in bold and all caps in this instance. This should be placed in the top left-hand hub of the press release. A future-focused crypto press release is usually labelled an “EMBARGOED RELEASE”

  1. Headline/Title

Your headline or title should occupy a top spot for your crypto press release. However, it should stay below your company logo and press release date. Ensure your title is short, concise, and easy to understand. Centre it and make it bold. 

The headline is usually the most attention-grabbing aspect of your Crypto PR efforts. Experts recommend a 65 to 80 character range for your headlines.

  1. Subheadline

A subheadline or subheader is an optional part of the press release outline. It is best kept to a 120-word character range. It should be in a one-sentence format, placed below the main headline. It is meant to capture the reader’s attention and offer them a better understanding of what the crypto press release is all about.

  1.  Place Stamp And Publication Date

Next on the press release requirements is your place stamp and publication press release date. This should be in the lead paragraph showing the city the crypto press release originates from and the full date of the publication. Both details should be bold and separated by a forward-slanting line.

  1. Introduction Paragraph

The ‘lead’ or introduction paragraph should contain critical information about the press release. It should answer questions surrounding the who, what, where, why, when, and how of the press release.

Most importantly, your introduction should state the basic facts and avoid unnecessary and elegant language. Avoid sounding ‘salesy.’ Instead, focus on why the press release is an important milestone for your company and the readers. It is also good to attach a hyperlink or two to your company’s website or supporting material to increase platform traffic.

  1. Body Paragraphs

The following two to three paragraphs should expand on the details highlighted in the headline and opening paragraph. Keep your body paragraphs short and simple. We recommend fixing all the information within two to four sentences per paragraph. Also, include relevant statistics and graphics if it supports the overarching goal of the press release.

  1. Boilerplate (“About Company”)

Finally, insert a boilerplate text about the company at the bottom of your press release. This section presents you with an ample opportunity to build rapport with your readers through your company’s vision and mission. Also, include old and recent milestones and other information that adds to your purpose, as well as contact details.

Attractive headline and date of PR publication are the obvious elements of any press release

Optional Elements of Crypto PR

You can use the following crypto press release elements to spice up your release:

  • Quotes

Although it is not a required component in a press release outline, a quote helps to apply a human touch to your business. You can add a testimonial from a satisfied customer or a direct quote from the CEO. However, you should use this sparingly while ensuring they add value.

  • Interactive Elements

Using interactive elements generates more reactions to your crypto press release. You can require readers to take action by watching a video, clicking a link, or downloading a PDF document such as a report or case study.

  • Multimedia

Press releases with eye-catching multimedia images or videos generate more engagement than those without. Use attention-grabbing infographics and high-quality images where needed. This helps your readers to connect better. 

  • Final Note & Call to Action (CTA)

Your final note should encourage your readers to take action by reaching out to you. A bold step would be to include a team member’s name, phone number, or email address for more information.

Additional Documents And Requirements For Crypto Press Release Publication

Using a professional crypto PR publishers like Cointelegraph or may require you to supply additional details about your company:

  • The project’s documentation (for example, whitepaper)
  • Comprehensive Team Member Profiles – Names and other bios may not be necessary, but previous works and industry experience should be added. 
  • Timelines for Project’s Roadmap – This should be in PDF format. It contains a detailed timeline with dates for when the project will be complete. 
  • Gameplay Demo Materials – You should include a short snippet or video to generate the needed visual appeal. 
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