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How Bitmedia Helped CryptoDragons to Sell NFT Collections under 10 sec

How Bitmedia Helped CryptoDragons to Sell NFT Collections under 10 sec

The world of NFTs is incredibly oversaturated, meaning that it takes more effort, knowledge, and skill than ever before for an NFT collection to reach the masses and sell out. To tackle this enormous challenge, CryptoDragons teamed up with Bitmedia to supercharge their NFT collection marketing efforts and achieve incredible results!

The Project

CryptoDragons is an Ethereum-based NFT collection that transcends the mundane to stand out as one of the biggest and most ambitious collections yet. Packing a pumping metaverse, dragon breeding ground, battle arenas, and the ability to Earn Ethereum, CryptoDragons is taking the NFT world by storm. The NFT eggs and dragons are controlled by a set of 9 smart contracts, ensuring that the world of CryptoDragons runs smoothly.

There are a total of 10,000 NFT eggs, with each one possessing a unique combination of traits. The first batch of 500 eggs sold out in 10 seconds, with some going for as much as 35ETH. 

This generated more than 140ETH trade volume in the first hour of the project’s life. As each egg hatches into a dragon, 1 NFT will become 2 – the dragon and the eggshell. Users will also be able to breed dragons to create new CryptoDragons further down the line, making it one of the most exciting NFT projects on the web.

The Execution

CryptoDragons wanted to get as much exposure as possible, so first and foremost, the team decided to go with a CPM campaign. This was combined with testing of Bitmedia’s top tier publishers in the NFT, DeFi, Investment, All Premium and Platinum niches, grouped into dedicated packages. These are the niches where CryptoDragons felt that the budget was best allocated for the best chance at scoring leads. The goal of the campaign was to record as many leads as possible for as cheap as possible!

The Refinement

Bitmedia kept a close eye on the CryptoDragons campaign and stepped in to help optimize the campaign and secure the best results possible. Our campaign analysts began by filtering out low-quality conversion sources through blacklisting ineffective publishers from the campaign. Next, we optimized the bid, which led to a decreased average bid and therefore resulted in a decreased lead cost, which was one of the main goals set out by CryptoDragons. 

As per above, the marketing team behind CryptoDragons started their campaign targeting a fixed range of publications, opting out of other available lists like Gambling, Gaming, Turkey, Exchange and others. The selected packages were then further trimmed down, making the campaign specific to only Investment, NFT and All premium, as it is these packs that appeared to be most budget efficient. 

Since blasting the same ads to the same people usually brings more disadvantages than the right conversions, we then took to the ad supply management. Ad fatigue was dealt with by selecting an optimal ad frequency capping. We set it to 30 impressions per ad per day per unique user, and fixed additional geo-targeting rules and criteria. The campaign began to target Canada, USA, and UK as this is where most high-quality conversions were coming from. 

The Results

Following the refinement to CryptoDragons’ crypto display ad campaign by the Bitmedia team, a fantastic set of results were achieved, outstripping expectations. The number of registrations increased by 45% totalling  across the entire campaign duration. Furthermore, we have marked an increase in conversions, which fueled the demand for the CryptoDragons NFT collection, helping achieve the incredible feat of selling out the first 500 NFTs in 10 seconds.

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It is important to note that the results of this campaign are, as always, client-specific. This means that the same rules do not guarantee similar results to other projects, and it is the campaign management actions that must be taken into an account. Every marketing campaign must start with tests that supply incremental information of where the key conversions are. 

The next step, is to tailor the broad reach down to the most effective scenario, and channel your budget towards the most prospective leads. By continuously tweaking a marketing campaign the result achieved by CryptoDragons become within reach to any other crypto or blockchain project. And if this seems overly technical to you, we will be glad to direct you in the right direction!

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