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Bitcoin Halving and New Marketing Opportunities


s we are imminently approaching the next bitcoin halving event, we, the team behind would like to take a moment and delve into the basics behind halving and why it is an opportunity not to be missed to advertise your products and services with us, whilst riding the wave of public’s attention to its fullest. 
Bitcoin is more than just a cryptocurrency. In fact, it was designed to resemble the behaviour of a product that can store value well and it is why many, historically compare it to gold. Just like gold, bitcoin is limited in total supply and unlike fiat currency can not be printed in volumes that see no boundaries. Resultantly, critical events like halving, attract a great deal of attention from not only the crypto community, but the general public also, as people are either looking to profit from it, read up on it or get into the industry as a whole, thereby exponentially increasing the traffic on websites that covers, in turn increasing the efficiency and profitability of marketing campaigns that our clients run with us. 
Just in case you haven’t had time to get acquainted with halving, it is an event during which reward to miners, who in turn take care of block production, is cut in half, to aid inflation of the currency and make its price more foreseeable. Simply put, halving has historically served as a factor that drives the price of bitcoin up, because as mining rewards decrease, the cost of mining remains the same. Resultantly, as rewards drop from 12.5 to 6.24 BTC per block produced, miners become incentivized to double the bitcoin price, to retain profitability of their operations. Although the halving event is expected to take place on 18th of May, 2020, it is the block number 210,000 that will trigger it, becoming the third halving in bitcoin history. 
An exponentially growing attention from the public is not only confirmed by increased volumes in BTC trading, but also substantial growth in USDT volumes, expressing just how much of an event, third halving is to the industry. As for, we see a huge spike in traffic that flows through the platforms that we run client’s campaigns on, as the public starts flocking in to follow the news and expand their horizons on the industry. 
One thing that is apparent to us though, is that the whole world is watching now! This is why, we at, can hardly think of a better opportunity to launch a campaign with the top crypto marketplace service online and let the world know of your brand, whilst capturing maximum attention from both seasoned and new audiences in and out of the cryptocurrency medium!