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Crypto Advertising: 5 Best Practices and Why They Work

Crypto Advertising: 5 Best Practices and Why They Work

Advertising your crypto project is critical if you want it to be a success. But, there are so many different ways that you can go about it and that means that there are even more mistakes that can be made. So, we’re going to run through crypto advertising and 5 best crypto advertising practices so that you can get your crypto project the love it deserves!

Learn the Common Mistakes!

Before we get started, it’s a wise move to give you a quick rundown on the most common mistakes that are made with cryptocurrency advertising. If you learn the mistakes, you’ll never make them!

A lot of projects will often put off marketing their brand and product until the new big update is ready to roll or is already live. Why wait around? Start generating interest today so that more people are aware and excited for tomorrow. Also, a lot of projects are constantly redesigning and introducing new brand identities. Pick one and stick with it for the long-term. It gets confusing for your audience if you’re constantly changing.

Next up we often see crypto projects saying that “there’s no budget left this cycle” or “marketing is expensive”. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Marketing is a process and it’s vital to your success. Even posting on Reddit and in forums is considered marketing. So, if you can do that, you can do other free marketing as well!

Now, enough of the mistakes and time to learn about the best ways you can advertise cryptocurrency projects!

The Best Practices That Work!

We’re going to make this nice and easy for you. Consider this as us spilling the beans and sharing the secrets of a top-notch crypto advertising campaign so you can be just as successful!

#1 – Send Out Press Releases and Publish Articles

Make yourself seen and heard. It takes very little time, effort and money to send out a press release and you can even run a free blog on your website. Talk about features that you’re working on or a bug that your dev team caught and squashed.

This is sharable content and news outlets will pick up on it and cover it. That’s extra free marketing and it will give your project a huge boost, not to mention that everyone will know your project’s name! And just in case your team is all about biz dev, Bitmedia’s in-house content PR team can do this for you!

#2 – Use Crypto Ads

The most powerful way to advertise your project is to use crypto ads. There are dozens of features and options on a crypto advertising network to refine your campaign, getting your ad in front of the people that are most likely to convert into new users. But using advanced targeting tools, you can optimize your ROI and generate more awareness and conversions than ever before!

#3 – Create Social Communities

If you don’t have a community of various social media platforms, such as Reddit, Telegram and Discord, then you’re missing out. These are fantastic places to open up discussion, create new interest and inform your active users. They also serve as hubs for new potential users that are looking for more information.

Couple these social communities with a polished website that converts well and you’ve got the ultimate recipe for success. Spend time designing and building a beautiful website that has everything your new users need to convert.

#4 – Take Part in Meetups and Conferences

Conferences and meetups are full of people that are into cryptocurrency and blockchain. This means that all the fine tuning and refinement needed to run a successful marketing campaign has already been done. All you need to do is get yourself there and show your face.

Go armed with lots of information about your project and with material so that people can get an overview of your project as well as ways to contact your project. These are the places where you’ll scoop up the most new users with the least amount of effort!

#5 – Integrate with Other Companies

Sure, going at it alone might seem the best way to go, but you can gain an awful lot by integrating with other companies and teaming up with websites and influencers. Let’s say that your project helps with supply chain management. Team up with delivery companies so that they can use your new tech and their customers can also use it to track their orders.

This works 2-fold. The first being that the other company gets to try out your project and tech. If they like it and it works well, they’ll promote it on their media channels as well, which is free marketing for you. Secondly, if their end users love the tech and they get a better customer experience, they’ll start pushing other companies they use to adopt your tech!

Go Forth and Be Successful!

Cryptocurrency advertising can be incredibly simple and successful if you follow these 5 steps. Avoid making the mistakes we mentioned earlier and you’ll be on the path to success and fame in no time at all. Of course, this is easier said than done. So, if you get stuck along the way, reach out to the experts here at Bitmedia and we’ll get your project’s marketing campaign moving again!

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