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Best Guide, Practices to Mobile Banner Ads

Best Guide, Practices to Mobile Banner Ads

Mobile banner advertising has remained an effective tool since the beginning of mobile marketing. This guide will explain what mobile ads are and how to implement mobile banner ads’ best practices so they can play an essential role in your digital marketing mix. We’ll also help you decide whether a banner on the phone is the right fit for your marketing strategy and how Bitmedia can help you craft and execute a successful advertising campaign.

What Are Mobile Banners Ads? 

A mobile banner ad is a small, rectangular advertising image that occupies a portion of your smartphone’s screen and is among the oldest ad formats that originated from PC devices. The banner phone advert is designed to adapt to the format of a smaller device and has become the most shared ad type on mobile. 

Mobile banners mostly stick to the top or bottom of a screen and refresh on autopilot when a user doesn’t interact with them for a predetermined period. 

While a banner ad campaign is relatively easy and quick to set up and has the potential for a high viewability, employing the following mobile banner ads best practices is the best way to get a solid return on investment (ROI) on your ad spend.

Mobile Banner Ad Sizes

Since the first mobile in-app ad in 2009, there have been numerous changes in the advertising format as publishers make alterations to match the ever-changing user behavior. The reality about the size of the best banner ads is tricky since there’s no universal or magic format that works on all platforms or devices.

While different sources could suggest various placements and specifications, the following are the best mobile website banner sizes for tablets and smartphones: 

  • Tablets: 728×90 and 300×250
  • Smartphone: 320×50 and 300×50   

In addition to choosing the correct mobile ad banner sizes, it’s essential to experiment with placement to avoid banner blindness. 

Designing Effective Mobile Banner Ads

The internet is awash with banner ads, with thousands of brands competing to reach target audiences. As audiences increasingly become aware of competing brands, your mobile banner design will make them hard to miss and move prospects down the sales funnel to the point of striking oil. The following design strategies will help you channel your target market:  

  • Observe image guidelines
  • Use high-quality images 
  • Don’t overlay texts or logos 
  • Create an elaborate call to action (CTA) 
  • Turn the spotlight on your product 
  • Use one product image per ad 
  • Shun compositing 
  • Include deals and special offers 
  • Test your ads before deployment 

Crafting Compelling Ad Copy

In a market filled with businesses vying for consumer attention, making your brand stand out is no walk in the park. A social media platform like Facebook alone has over 17 million businesses advertising. Learning to make mobile ads that can cut through the noise and persuade your target audience can feel daunting. 

The solution lies in creating strategic, well-crafted, compelling ad copy through the following:   

  • Understand your audience 
  • Identify and solve a problem 
  • Keep your ads short and sweet 
  • Include a definite call to action 
  • Maintain a consistent brand voice 
  • A/B test your ad copy 
  • Use keywords that people search for
  • Use an emotional appeal to connect with your audience 

Mobile Banner Ad Placement Strategies

Mobile web ad placement strategy is the science of choosing an optimal format and location for your ad to appear on a mobile device. There’s a thin line between successfully catching a user’s attention and disrupting their user experience due to the limited space. 

Some essential factors you must consider for a well-planned placement include:  

  • User behavior on a mobile device 
  • Device orientation and screen size
  • App or website content and context 
  • Ad frequency 
  • Ad duration     

Targeting and Audience Segmentation

The critical difference between desktop to mobile advertising means only the best mobile banner ads will succeed. There’s an ongoing shift from impression to targeted audience segments so brands can move from simply reaching mobile consumers to converting prospects and driving mobile purchases. 

Some mobile ads best practices you can follow to avoid making mistakes include the following: 

  • Know your goals and metrics
  • Carefully choose the appropriate platforms and networks
  • Understand the persona of your target audience 
  • Repeatedly test and optimize your ads

Mobile Banner Ad Testing and Optimization

Every advertiser knows that factors like images, excellent text, and buttons go into the most effective mobile advertising designs. However, most need to appreciate the value of creative ad testing and optimization. Most marketers can get overwhelmed by the need to test every element or messy testing processes, leading to poorly performing ads. 

Using the following simple and effective five-step creative testing cycle will lead to the creation of the most effective mobile ads: 

  • Brainstorm creative concepts
  • Create mockups of the best ideas
  • Build creative variations
  • A/B test the creative
  • Analyze the outcome

Adherence to Mobile Advertising Guidelines

Conscientious banner on phone marketing should follow specific rules and regulations for publishers to get the best results. While it’s essential to focus on your brand and product and avoid sending stuff that’s harmful or potentially upsetting to consumers, advertisers must do everything possible to ensure they remain good stewards of the opportunities available. 

Some best practices to follow include:    

  • Set clear business and marketing objectives 
  • Know your audience and only send appropriate communications
  • Send timely and relevant content with a clear CTA
  • Incorporate other marketing channels into your banner ad campaign 
  • Test campaigns before deployment 
  • Make adjustments where necessary

Measuring Mobile Banner Ad Performance

It’s an open secret that social media platforms are an integral part of mobile banner advertising as they can provide better targeting opportunities based on interests, age, gender, and location. The ability to measure the number of likes, shares, or brand mentions is the best way to analyze how well consumers are reacting to your ads. 

These metrics determine customer engagement and are a good indicator of how and whether customers can buy again or recommend your brand. Among the metrics you need to evaluate to measure your mobile web ads performance include:      

  • Impressions and clicks
  • Conversions and revenue
  • Cost and ROI
  • Reach and frequency
  • Engagement and quality
  • Attribution and lift


Cryptocurrency experts believe leveraging mobile ads’ best practices is the best way to monetize your website using mobile apps. This ad format has proved to work uniformly on all devices and apps. 

The key to effective mobile banner advertising lies in selecting the suitable format, appropriate size, and correct placement of the mobile ad unit. The outcome of your campaign will also hinge upon accurate targeting configuration, choosing the right platform, and several other elements.    

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