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Psychological ingredients behind high converting landing pages – Part 2

Psychological ingredients behind high converting landing pages – Part 2

Part 1 of our ‘Psychology behind converting landing pages’ series has outlined the primary pillars one should account for when building a blockchain landing page that works. Continuing on the subject, Part 2 expands further on these techniques and how to create high converting landing pages. 

#6 – Amplify the Problem

No matter what product you’re selling or service you’re offering, it solves a problem that someone has. Now, hone in on that problem and amplify it. Show your customers just how bad that problem can get and how buying your product or service prevents it from happening.

This drives an emotional response and will get people filling up their carts and heading to your checkout page like flies around manure. Show the users the true cost of not acting and solving the problem by using your brand.

#7 – Solve Problems

This ties in to #6. Once you know what the problem is and how your brand solves it, tell the world about it. If you’ve got a serum that stops the aging process, explain that people won’t age if they take your serum. Wave goodbye to the aging process with this powerful new anti-aging serum. It’s as simple as that. Solve your user’s problem.

#8 – Try Before You Buy

Ok, we realize that this might not apply to all businesses, but for those offering a tool or crypto service, it can be a powerful sales tool. If you give your customers the chance to try out your product before they buy it, it shows them that you really believe in it and that they can try it out.

When people get comfy with a blockchain product or brand, they’re less likely to leave it. So, run a freemium or try before you buy scheme and let your prospective clients try out your products or services for a week or so before they buy!

#9 – Conversion Scent

No, we’re not saying fill your crypto marketing landing page with virtual flowers or perfume. Instead, make sure that everything links up and flows like a river. Leave your brand’s scent on the crypto ad campaign and on the landing page. Think of it like smelling a loaf of freshly baked bread. Once you catch the first smell, you’re going to follow it all the way to the oven.

Do the same with your landing pages. Fill your landing pages with elements that drew potential clients in from the ad campaign that you ran. They’ll recognize the scent and be more likely to convert. After all, you’re not going to find the source of the fresh bread and not try a piece, are you?

#10 – Adjust Your CTA Threat Levels

A lot of landing pages tend to skip this one, and it’s a massive mistake. If you’re running a cold campaign, you don’t want to be using CTAs that work well for hot campaigns. The same goes for a hot campaign, you don’t want to use cold CTAs.

landing page psychology

Cold CTAs include the likes of checklist, coupon, podcast, email course and infographic. On the other hand, hot CTAs include consultation, quote, demo, trial, purchase. Use the right CTAs for your campaign type. Otherwise, it won’t sync up and match!

#11 – A/B Testing

Finally, run A/B testing. Use different color schemes for CTAs and try out different lengths of texts. This will always vary for your audience, so run A/B tests on small elements to see if you get a difference in results. You can then use this data in your next crypto landing page and campaign to be even more successful and convert more traffic.

Get Out There and Optimize!

Now you know how to create blockchain landing pages that convert, it’s time to get out there and make the changes. By making these adjustments, you’ll get 100x more out of your next crypto advertising campaign set up with Bitmedia. If you’re not going to optimize your landing page to the max, then you’re going to be throwing away leads. You don’t want to be throwing away valuable leads, do you? Bring traffic to your crypto landing page with Bitmedia

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