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Top Crypto Marketing Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Top Crypto Marketing Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Cryptocurrency has undoubtedly been one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century. It has brought so much utility to the tech world and the world at large. Crypto has helped start the blockchain industry, which now features many activities and items, like NFTs and crypto gaming platforms. Cryptocurrency has also brought trust and credibility into transactions and has launched a very profitable niche in digital marketing: crypto marketing.

Crypto marketing involves promoting and selling products or services related to the crypto business. Time Magazine says the crypto market is worth more than $3 trillion. That is an incredible number for an industry that started more or less in 2008 with Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin whitepaper. But if you think cryptocurrency promotion is easy money, you’re wrong. There are many challenges even within the industry, and today, we will look at them. Read along.

Challenges for Crypto marketing Industry

  1. Mainstream Adoption Is Still A Long Way To Go

Yes, crypto is quite popular. Everyone knows what crypto is, but do they really? According to Yahoo, 98% of people don’t even grasp the basics of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Another survey showed that only 16.9% of people who invest in crypto fully understand what they are doing. With this, it’s evident that people don’t really know what crypto is, which is one of the biggest challenges to cryptocurrency promotion.  


Make your marketing campaigns as easy to understand as possible. Explain all the terms that are not well-known, and just take it easy on the crypto words as much as you can. The simpler you are, the more people can relate to and understand you. 

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  1. People Don’t Exactly Trust Crypto

Yes, crypto, like the other projects in the blockchain industry, uses DeFI (Decentralized Finance), which is supposed to make transactions more secure and transparent. It is supposed to increase trust and credibility. Ironically, a lot of people don’t seem to trust crypto. Research has shown that 75% of people don’t trust crypto as a good way to invest their money. Many people relate crypto to illegal activities like online fraud, scams and money laundering. Some people even see it as the currency for the dark web. This makes it hard to market crypto to the “unbelievers”.


The best way to make someone see a different side of something is to tell them about it. You need to be more educational in your campaigns, showing how safe and secure crypto is and how they can use it for everyday transactions. This helps remove all the negative stigma and bad PR that crypto has gotten over the years.

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  1. The Regulations and Laws Are Becoming A Loss For Crypto

As crypto is gaining more and more of a foothold in the financial world, it has gained more attention, and that comes with regulatory hurdles like laws that consistently try to control crypto usage. Crypto is the world’s most valuable currency, but it is completely banned in many countries, including China, one of the world’s biggest markets. Even where crypto is not banned, the laws are getting stricter daily. This uncertainty in regulation is a big challenge for crypto advertising.


With the laws constantly changing, you need to change with them to stay on the safer side of the law. You can only do this by watching out for the laws and following legal developments around crypto.

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  1. Competition Is Tough 

The crypto space is crowded. There are hundreds of thousands of crypto projects and countless cryptocurrencies, so standing out is not easy, especially for any new crypto project just starting.


The best way to get around this hurdle is to focus on your niche and target audience and make your advertising campaign as unique and exciting as possible with new use cases and value propositions. A general and generic marketing campaign will only cause your project to be lost in the abyss of uncountable projects. 

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  1. Crypto Advertising Isn’t Easy

Regarding crypto marketing, it’s not as easy as regular advertising. There are many methods and means, even platforms, for regular advertising. But crypto does not have the luxury of many options. Factors like strict regulations, lack of global adoption, and even the fact that many people don’t understand it make crypto marketing more complex.

Even the major ad platforms, especially Meta’s Facebook and Google, have restricted crypto ads, making it hard to reach the target audience.


Alternative marketing and advertising platforms can overcome this issue; even switching marketing strategies and tactics can help. Do it differently and creatively, and your project will survive. 

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Crypto marketing is necessary for any crypto project. It’s one of the best ways to get customers, raise brand awareness and increase brand visibility. Crypto advertising is more than just creating and posting ads online. Any crypto marketing endeavor faces many challenges, such as regulations, lack of global adoption, and even competition. But each one of these challenges can be scaled with the right approach. And if you’re looking for a crypto marketing platform that can help you overcome all these problems, Bitmedia is the best option for you; Bitmedia has it all.