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Crypto Gaming Ads: Gamifying Advertising with Blockchain Technology

Crypto Gaming Ads: Gamifying Advertising with Blockchain Technology

From the early days of family-friendly console promotions to the sophisticated strategies employed today, the intersection of gaming and advertising continues to captivate audiences worldwide. As the global blockchain gaming market grows, advertising will develop with innovative targeting and strategies. Partnerships with influencers, brand collaborations, and AR/VR integration will continue to shape the future of crypto gaming advertising.

The fusion of blockchain technology and gaming presents exciting opportunities for advertisers. The article explores the evolution and significance of crypto gaming advertising, highlighting the intersection of blockchain technology, gaming, and advertising. Adapting to emerging trends and leveraging platforms like Bitmedia will be key to success in crypto gaming advertising. 

The Evolution of Gaming and Advertising

Let’s trace the development of video game advertising from its early days in the 1970s to the present. Initially, ads focused on family-oriented fun and the adaptability of early game consoles like the Magnavox Odyssey. However, as the industry expanded through the 1980s, it faced challenges such as the video game crash of 1983, which almost ended the trend entirely until the revival sparked by the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). 

The 1990s marked a shift towards more game-focused advertising, with memorable and often eccentric commercials targeting brand loyalty among consumers. By the 2000s and beyond, advertising strategies diversified further, leveraging gameplay trailers, internet platforms, and mobile technologies to reach a wider audience. Today, game advertising spans many digital platforms and incorporates sophisticated strategies like influencer campaigns, livestream sponsorships, push notifications, cross-promo, playable ads, UGC, and more.

The latest trend in the gaming world has found its reflection in crypto games, which are made possible by NFT technology. This technology has been applied in games where developers seek to decentralize ownership, enabling players to possess particular in-game assets. Unlike fungible tokens like Ethereum (ETH), this is because NFTs possess other important properties and cannot be exchanged. Their transactions are transparent and secure.

Currently, games are advertised within other games, in console menus, between YouTube videos, on live gaming streams, on all web pages, on social media, in-game ads, and much more. This is primarily linked to the world of user engagement based on data. Twenty years ago, you would have spent hundreds of thousands on one TV spot; today, the advertising platform Bitmedia can create hundreds of ads for a small fee.

Benefits of Crypto Gaming Ads 

Advertising in crypto games aims to achieve specific goals, including increasing game visibility and attracting more traffic to the platform, ultimately leading to significant profitability.

Specialized crypto advertising networks, such as Bitmedia, focusing on the crypto gaming audience, can deliver quick and effective advertising results, capturing the target audience’s attention.

Increased security and transparency

Blockchain technology ensures transaction security against unauthorized access, reducing fraud risks and providing transaction transparency.

Global reach and audience targeting

Crypto advertising offers a global audience outreach, allowing you to attract customers worldwide and expand the market for your crypto game.


Cost-effectiveness is also a benefit of crypto advertising. It eliminates the need for high commissions and intermediaries, making advertising more economical for businesses.

Faster transactions

Real-time transactions eliminate delays associated with traditional payment methods, ensuring faster advertising campaign results and prompt feedback.

Implementing Crypto Gaming Ads 

As players immerse themselves in the exciting world of video games, advertisers are discovering new ways to engage their audience. However, establishing a presence in the gaming industry requires strategic placement of gaming advertisements. The following examples represent a treasure trove of inspiring gaming ad campaigns that captured attention and set new standards for creativity and impact.

The Power of Collaboration

The Sandbox, a decentralized virtual gaming world by Animoca Brands, has partnered with two legendary electronic music performers, Richie Hawtin, also known as Plastikman and Deadmau5.


Richie Hawtin and Deadmau5 are recognized for their innovative approach to new technologies, including their recent explorations in virtual worlds, non-fungible tokens, and blockchain over the last two years.

They represent the first wave of electronic music artists adopting a community-oriented approach to pave the way for closer interaction with their fans and audience in the virtual gaming world.

Hype Advertising

Axie Infinity launched $AXS farms on the Rigel protocol. To mark this, both companies held a “Squid Game” meme contest back in 2021. The creator of the best meme received 300 RGP dollars and 1 AXS dollar. Second and third places received 150 RGP and 0.5 AXS, and 100 RGP and 0.25 AXS, respectively.

rigel protocol

Hype advertising typically reaches a wide audience, including those interested in new technologies, innovations, and earning opportunities. Additionally, such advertising can help raise awareness of blockchain games among the public and build trust in the project through active presence in popular media and communities.

Future Trends and Opportunities 

The global blockchain gaming market was estimated at $128.62 billion in 2022 and is projected by Fortune Business Insights to market growth from $154.46 billion in 2023 to $614.91 billion by 2030. As capital in the blockchain gaming market increases, new advertising trends will emerge.

The future of advertising in crypto games anticipates significant evolution driven by technological advancements and regulatory changes. As the industry develops, we can expect more sophisticated targeting and personalization options and the use of blockchain to enhance security and transparency. Contextual advertising will become more prevalent, ensuring that advertisements are more relevant and less intrusive to users. Let’s delve into future blockchain game marketing trends shaping the industry’s future.

  • Partnerships with Influencers

Influential individuals and content creators continue to wield significant influence in the gaming world. NFT game marketers will collaborate with these influencers to reach a broader and more interested audience. Influencers can help showcase the unique features and benefits of NFT games, stimulating player attraction and engagement.

  • Blockchain Game Advertising Companies

Specialized advertising firms are emerging to create targeted advertising campaigns for blockchain games. These firms use data analytics to target potential players and investors precisely. As competition in the blockchain gaming space intensifies, effective advertising will be essential for market differentiation.

  • Collaboration with Brands

NFT games are increasingly collaborating with well-known brands and intellectual properties. These partnerships result in exclusive NFT collections and experiences that appeal to both game fans and the brand’s audience. Such partnerships enhance the marketing appeal of NFT games and can lead to broader adoption among users.

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

The integration of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies in blockchain games is an exciting trend for 2024. Blockchain game marketing agencies are creating campaigns that highlight the immersive experiences these technologies can offer. Customers can interact with NFT assets more realistically and engagingly, and marketing efforts are focused on conveying this sense of immersion.

Blockchain game marketing in 2024 will develop and encompass a variety of innovative strategies and approaches. Integration of crypto games with the metaverse, blockchain interoperability, and community building are central themes. Social media, partnerships with influencers and brands, as well as augmented and virtual reality, remain important channels of interaction.

As blockchain games continue to grow, marketing will play a key role in shaping the future of the industry. Companies providing blockchain game marketing services and crypto game advertising agencies must keep pace with these trends and adapt their strategies to remain competitive and effectively promote games in this dynamic environment. And if you need help with advertising campaigns, Bitmedia is always ready to assist.