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The Biggest Fears of an Email Marketer and How to Build an Effective Outreach

The Biggest Fears of an Email Marketer and How to Build an Effective Outreach

Email marketing is one of the most important marketing channels that you can take advantage of when you’re planning your marketing strategy. Whether you’re trying to convert empty carts, reactivate customers or simply try and increase your leads, email marketing is critical.

But, life as an email marketer isn’t a smooth or easy one. There are plenty of email marketing issues that can popup along the way. So, today let’s take a look at the biggest fears that every email marketer has, and how to solve them so that your next crypto email marketing campaign is in its most effective state. Trust us, these issues are all normal email marketing fears and there is always a solution to any problem!


deadlines in email marketing

Learning to tame the editorial calendar can be a scary task. When you’re juggling dozens of campaigns every week, deadline day for each campaign will quickly become an event that keeps you up all night. You see, deadline day is when you need to be ready to hit send on that perfectly crafted email, bringing together elements from various teams, such as content, design and developers. If one team makes a mistake or is late, the deadline could be in jeopardy. Sticking to deadlines is without a doubt one of the biggest fears in email marketing!

To help make deadline day less stressful, follow this tip. It’s wise to set your editorial calendar a few days in advance. That means if the deadline for your email is on Friday, make sure you treat Wednesday or Thursday as the deadline. This gives you ample time to fix issues and test sufficiently. Having that extra time in the bank to play with will help you get a few extra hours of sleep at night!

You’re A Spammer

spam in email marketing

When you browse through your inbox, you see hundreds of emails, all pushing something that you couldn’t really care about. Then, it hits. Am I a spammer? We’ve all been there and had this thought. After all, your job as an email marketer is to fill up someone’s inbox with amazing blockchain related content that converts them into a customer.

Even if you’ve made it incredibly easy to unsubscribe, you have a double opt-in process and people are even sending your emails onto their friends and co-workers, this is still a rational fear to have. Truth be told, there’s no real way to overcome this fear other than accept that yes, you could be a spammer. But if you believe in the product you’re selling, is it such a bad thing? You’re doing your best to help customers get the best product.

Creative Team Issues

creative team issues email marketing

Creatives are a wonderful breed of people. They can put together breathtaking artwork and imagery that evokes emotion on a whole new level, allowing you to boost conversion rates of your crypto or an NFT project. But, these people dislike taking advice from non-creatives when it comes to their work. This means that you can often end up with creative content that’s not quite right for your campaign, the wrong dimensions or in a file size that doesn’t allow the email to render properly in all mailboxes.

To be fair, there are plenty of creatives out there that are fantastic with email marketing creative requirements, but they can be hard to come by. So, if your creative team hasn’t yet perfected the art of email marketing, sit down with them and try to work out something going forwards that lets you relax and trust that their process is the best for your campaign.

Everything Seems Pointless

If you’re up late thinking that sending a particular email is pointless or has little value, then you’re likely going to run into other issues. Before you plan an email campaign make sure that you ask yourself, why am I sending this? Is it to convert one time visitors, to convert existing users with an upgrade or simply inform subscribers about a new feature? Is that really necessary and will it have an impact? If the answer is yes, then you can relax. If the answer is no, it’s time to reevaluate your email marketing strategy and editorial calendar.

Broken Link

broken links in emails

One of the biggest fears that an email marketer has after hitting the send button is broken links. It’s an irrational fear as you test every link several times, and even visually check it in the code before you hit send, but you’ll always worry. Whether the link takes the user to the wrong page or it simply doesn’t load anything, it’s terrifying. As long as you test your emails thoroughly before you hit send on the campaign, you’ll be fine. Just test well and you can relax.

It is also incredibly important to set tracking right. Each link gives you an opportunity to asses the performance of your crypto marketing campaign and it is the conversions analysis, that can lead you to the perfect email outreach setup. 

Bad Results

fears of email marketing

We all want to perform well, and if you’re sending out an email that has cost various teams time, then you want it to get good results. There are so many factors that can cause an email campaign to be unsuccessful, but you have to trust in your skills and ability as an email marketer. You’re the best at what you do, so as long as you put in the hard work to craft an email that you believe in, then it’ll get good results. Concentrate on good content, right tracking. Obviously, there will always be a risk of external factors that can impact results, but those are out of your control, so don’t fear!

Sending To the Wrong List

Name an email marketer that doesn’t triple check the email list they’re using and still worry about sending their campaign to the wrong list… we’ll wait. It’s completely normal to be afraid of this happening and it will totally tank your results if it does happen. The ramifications are profound, and the effects can be far reaching. Again, just test and triple check everything. 

Stop Worrying!

There are countless fears that an email marketer will experience in the course of their career, but most of them are unfounded. As long as you’re running your campaigns through some QA process and doing a manual check of every link, image and layout across multiple mailboxes, your email campaign will go off without a hitch – so stop worrying and start turning your email database into a goldmine of new and returning users. 

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