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Bitmedia updates the withdrawal procedure, increasing its efficiency and security

2019 has only started, while we in bitmedia decided to herald its beginning with a crucial long-awaited update in withdrawal procedure. This innovation was basically aimed at increasing security and efficiency of each withdrawal. And we are glad to affirm that we have managed to achieve this.
Following the long-standing practices of the biggest ad networks, Bitmedia has adopted of withdrawal requests approach, in order to make the whole procedure increasingly secure. From now on, in order to complete a withdrawal request, one should have it approved, which secures a higher level of reliability of each and every user. In addition, the withdrawals are now done on a regular basis.
As a result of this update, on 1 February Bitmedia has conducted the first withdrawal for almost a hundred users , equal to equal to 1.3 BTC in total..
By means of implementation of this feature, Bitmedia has managed to decrease the minimum withdrawal amount to only 0.001 BTC, providing a bigger scope of opportunities for the users.
Blockchain provides its user with a whole range of various features and advantages. The biggest advantage of them is the monetary one, i.e. the opportunity to minimize the costs of transaction.
Thus, the above-mentioned withdrawal of 1.3 BTC invoked ONLY 0.00046 BTC (around $1.5 in processing fee).
To understand the scale of cost-effectiveness, any fiat payment service of choice (Mastercard, Visa, etc) would have charged around $175, which is 100 times more!
Bitmedia team is doing everything in order to improve user experience, so stay tuned!
We have much more yet to come