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Advertisers’ Questions

  1. What is the difference between CPM and CPC?

    CPM (cost per a thousand impressions) is a campaign type, in which an advertiser pays for 1,000 ad impressions. CPC (cost per click) is a campaign type in which an advertiser pays for each click on an ad.

  2. Do I need to choose CPM or CPC campaign type?

    CPM is very common if the goal of the campaign is branding or awareness. CPC campaign type should be used when an advertiser wants to pay for the direct visitors’ response.

  3. Which ad formats can I use?

    There are 2 available ad formats: text or image ad. An image ad may be static (max size - 200 Kb) or dynamic (max size - 400 Kb).

  4. What size of image ads should I use?

    You can choose from among this list of available banner formats: 728x90, 468x60, 125x125, 200x200, 250x250, 300x250, 300x100, 250x100, 336x280, 160x600.

  5. How much do the ads cost?

    The minimum bid starts from 0.0000164 BTC (CPC campaign) and 0.0000185 BTC (CPM campaign). The higher the bid is the better visibility your ad has.

  6. How can I pay for ads?

    Top up your main balance (we request at least 3 network confirmations) and get an email saying that the funds were charged. Then transfer funds from the main balance to the campaign balance and get new visitors.

  7. How do I top up campaign balance?

    Top up the main balance first and then transfer funds from main balance to the campaign balance. By the way, you can use your main balance as a wallet: you may transfer funds to your campaign, split them between several campaigns and withdraw them.

  8. Which targeting options can I choose?

    At the moment geo targeting, device and daytime targeting are available for our advertisers. Interest targeting and categories of interests coming soon.

  9. Should I buy traffic from other countries/websites?

    When selecting countries and websites from which you want to get traffic, you can also choose to get traffic from other countries/websites. You can set a lower bid for such websites/countries.

  10. What bid should I set for traffic

    from other countries/websites?

    It’s recommended to set 60% from your initial bid.

  11. What is Frequency capping?

    Frequency capping is a number of impressions you allow each visitor to have per day / per 3 days / per week. You can also choose to set the limit for each ad or campaign.
    For example, if you set frequency capping at 5 (per ad & per day), it means that each website visitor won’t see the ad more that 5 times a day.

  12. Where will my ads be shown?

    The ad spaces are optimally chosen by our algorithms from among our publishers on the basis of the bid selected and other various parameters. However you can manually choose the sources where your ads will be shown and forbid to show your ads on some of our sources.

  13. What should I do if my conversion rates are low?

    Analyze the sources from which you get clicks and ban those with poor conversion rates.

  14. How can I improve efficiency of my ad campaign?

    You can whitelist countries and websites from which you’d like to get traffic. At the same time, you can blacklist countries and websites which you don’t want to receive traffic from or which have poor conversion rates for your ad campaign.

  15. Any way to check the quality of clicks?

    Bitmedia's anti fraud team checks most of clicks manually. All clicks are also checked automatically with our custom anti fraud system.
    You can also insert utm-source in your click URL and see which of our publishers are more effective for you.

  16. Is refund provided for fraud clicks?

    In case if our system or administrator identifies fraud - we write off money from the publisher and return them to your account.

  17. Any refund for low conversion rates?

    Bitmedia provides its users the service of ad placement, by means of which they can increase awareness about their product or service. Bitmedia’s administration is not responsible for the interest of an audience to the advertised product or service. Therefore, there is no refund for low conversion rates. However, the user still can claim a refund for any fraud or incentive clicks. More about the Refund policy can be found here.

  18. Why was my ad rejected?

    An ad is rejected when it contains any prohibited content or major mistakes in text / URL. If your ad is rejected you will be notified on the reasons of the rejection. More details on the requirements for the ads can be found in the Terms and Conditions of Bitmedia (see - Provisions related to advertising).

  19. Can I use the affiliate program?

    Yes, you can use it at any time! More about our affiliate program you can find here:

Publishers’ Questions

  1. How to become a publisher?

    Fill in a form “Become a publisher” and specify your site there. Create ad units and start making money.

  2. What sites are allowed to place advertisements on?

    Websites related to Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies are allowed. Sites need to be made for people; dumps of advertising banners, autoredirects and other trash are banned immediately.

  3. Can I have more than 1 publishing website?

    At first, you need to submit for approval 1 website. If this website is approved, you become a publisher. After this, you can send for approval as many websites as you wish. You don’t need to create a separate account for a every website.

  4. If my website is not related to Bitcoin, but it is very

    good, will you accept it?

    Such cases are considered individually. We will approve your website if it has a good, lively audience and the topic of your project suits us.

  5. Why was my website rejected?

    A website may be rejected if it contains prohibited content or there is any kind of suspicious activity on it. More details on the requirements for the website to be approved as a publisher can be found in Publisher Approval Criteria.

  6. How will I be paid?

    Currently there are 2 options of being paid on for each valid click (in CPC advertising) or for each valid 1,000 of impressions (in CPM advertising). Later on, other payment options may be introduced, which you will be notified of.
    Now, all payments are conducted in Bitcoin. The sum of payment depends on the bid set by an advertiser. Your income will be credited to the pending balance and subsequently transferred to the main balance. You can use the money from the main balance to fund your advertising campaigns or withdraw it to your wallet (in a suitable crypto currency).

  7. What is a Pending Balance for?

    Pending balance - is a temporary account, to which publisher’s income is credited at first. After 7 days (168 hours) money will be automatically transferred to the main account. This period is given to the administration of Bitmedia to review traffic quality. The term of the pending balance may be modified depending on particular circumstances.

  8. Any minimum amount for withdrawal?

    Yes, minimum amount for withdrawal is 0.001 BTC

  9. Am I paid for a click or for impression?

    The type of payment depends on the type of an ad campaign chosen by an advertiser. You may be paid for each valid click (in CPC campaign) or each valid 1,000 impressions (in CPM campaign).

  10. How much am I paid from initial bid?

    Your profit depends on a bid the client chooses for his targeting setups and for the ad itself. Bitmedia also charges its commission, calculated for each separate click. Commonly it constitutes 10-20%, however in some cases it may reach up to 30% or 0%, depending on the account level, website credibility and many other factors.

  11. How can I earn more?

    Our advertisers can set up higher bids for separate websites. So if your resource attracts profitable audience for advertisers, your income will increase. However, our advertisers can also ban sites with the clicks of low quality. You can also participate in an affiliate program and refer publishers and advertisers. More about it you can find here:

  12. Can I ask users to click on ads?

    NO! This is absolutely forbidden. Users should click only on the advertisement that they are interested in. In case of violations of this rule, publisher’s account may be fined and even banned.

  13. Which sources of traffic can I use for my sites?

    We accept only organic traffic, only real visitors; no means of artificial traffic is accepted. No fraud, including click fraud etc.. Upon detection, such accounts will be blocked in accordance with our Terms & Conditions, and the money will be transferred back to the advertiser.

  14. Can I click my own ads?

    No. If you want to test something, please contact the support team.

  15. Can I start creating ad campaigns if I am a publisher?

    Yes, you can start advertising even if you’re a publisher. You don’t need to create a separate account for this.

  16. I have placed ads on my website, and it says

    invalid user IP?

    Maybe, something is wrong with your IP address :) Google the service like “what is my IP” and check it. We do not accept visitors from proxies, different TOR networks, blacklisted IPs, botnets etc.