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CPM floor – set your own advertising rules

CPM floor – set your own advertising rules

Great news for publishers! Thinking about how to increase your earnings we have decided to let you decide how much you want to get for 1000 impressions. From now on, you can set up a CPM floor on your ad blocks – a minimum you would like to get for placing our banners. From now on you can earn a few times more than before!

CPM floor advertising will only show ads with a bid that is not less than the amount of money you would like to earn. Therefore you will filter out the ads that satisfy your appetites. 

Together with JS backup you can go even further, by mixing our ads with any other. Be it alternative ad platform, your own ads or else – our banners can make a good fit for everything.

What is a CPM floor in advertising?

CPM floor is a term used in programmatic advertising, which refers to the minimum CPM (cost per thousand impressions) that an advertiser is willing to pay for ad impressions. Setting a CPM floor allows advertisers to set their own advertising rules and ensure that their ads are only displayed on high-quality inventory.

By setting a CPM floor, advertisers can avoid bidding on low-quality inventory, which may result in poor ad performance and wasted advertising spend. This can also help to improve ad viewability and increase engagement rates, as ads are only displayed to high-quality audiences.

To set a CPM floor, advertisers can work with their programmatic advertising platform or agency to determine the optimal minimum bid for their campaigns. This may involve analyzing historical performance data, identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) and audience characteristics, and testing different bidding strategies.

Setting a CPM floor may limit the volume of impressions that an advertiser receives, as they are only bidding on high-quality inventory.

However, this approach can lead to a more effective and streamlined advertising campaign, yielding improved engagement rates and a higher return on investment (ROI)

In summary, determining a CPM floor helps advertisers maintain control over their programmatic advertising campaigns and ensure they reach their target audience and achieve marketing objectives. Bitmedia CPM advertising enables cost-effective and successful marketing campaigns for crypto businesses of all sizes and forms.

What should you do to set up a CPM floor?

Even more, we will be glad to provide you with some insights on a recommended CPM price for your blocks and provide you any kind of consultation that will make your advertising activities more fruitful. Now you will definitely have more time to concentrate on providing high-quality content, while we will bother about earning money for you. Set up a CPM floor on your best ad blocks now. Get more profit everyday.

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