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Report on Conversion Conf Warm-Up Edition in Kyiv

Report on Conversion Conf Warm-Up Edition in Kyiv

The Conversion Conf Warm-Up Edition in Kyiv, held on the 30th of November, 2023, at Pochayna Event Hall, was an amazing event that brought together professionals and enthusiasts in the field of affiliate marketing. The conference was organized to provide valuable insights into various aspects of practical marketing, featuring seven insightful speeches and creating a platform for meaningful networking.

Schedule & Speakers

The event kicked off with an opening session and registration, allowing participants to connect and prepare for an engaging day.

Conversion Conf speakers

Oleg Vovkodav – Team Lead at Traffic Devils

Oleg Vovkodav, Team Lead at Traffic Devils, delivered an informative presentation, sharing his expertise and insights in the field.

Roman Chesanovskyi – Founder of, Traffic One

Roman Chesanovskyi, the founder of and Traffic One, provided valuable perspectives on the industry as the keynote speaker.

Kolohoida Nataly – Head of PR at ClickDealer

Nataly Kolohoida, Head of PR at ClickDealer, discussed the importance of public relations in affiliate marketing.

Antonio Khurani – Owner of Epic Media

Antonio Khurani, Owner of Epic Media, shared his experiences and knowledge as a prominent figure in the industry.

Dima Kichatij – CEO/Owner of Trident Media/Trident Apps

Dima Kichatij, CEO and Owner of Trident Media and Trident Apps, presented insights into the latest trends and innovations in the affiliate marketing landscape.

Volochniuk Vadim – Co-owner of The Improve Team

Volochniuk Vadim, Co-owner of The Improve Team, discussed collaborative approaches to success in the affiliate marketing industry.

Misha – CRO at Traffic Squad

Misha, Chief Revenue Officer at Traffic Squad, provided a comprehensive perspective on revenue optimization strategies.

The conference concluded with an epic after-party hosted by Conversion Club. Attendees enjoyed groovy tunes by Victoria Bakalova, a dazzling twerk show, captivating performances, and the energy-boosting DJ set by Odyssay.

Networking and Partnerships

As a media partner, actively contributed to the comprehensive coverage and successful promotion of the event. Our team had the opportunity to engage in quality networking, forging new connections with professionals and companies in the affiliate marketing domain. The event served as a platform for discovering fresh business prospects and strengthening existing partnerships.

The Conversion Conf Warm-Up Edition in Kyiv 2023 was a resounding success, offering a blend of informative sessions, networking opportunities, and a memorable after-party. The insights shared by industry experts and the connections made during the event are invaluable for the continued growth and success of and its team.

Visit the official Conversion Conf 2024 website for more details!

The next Conversion Conf is hosted in Warsaw