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Incrypted Team Organizes Ukrainian Blockchain Week 2024

Incrypted Team Organizes Ukrainian Blockchain Week 2024

Kyiv is set to be the vibrant hub for Ukrainian Blockchain Week 2024, which will take place from June 17th to 23rd. This week-long extravaganza will feature many activities, including insightful meetups, a comprehensive conference, and an engaging online marathon, all under the banner of the much-anticipated Incrypted Conference 2024.

Spearheaded by Incrypted, this blockchain bonanza in Kyiv from June 17th to June 23rd promises an array of large-scale gatherings. The week is designed to cater to blockchain enthusiasts and professionals alike, from in-depth conferences and interactive meetups to an expansive online marathon.

The Ukrainian Blockchain Week 2024 is poised to be a melting pot for Web3 aficionados and industry giants, including renowned names like Solana, Binance, NEAR, and Trust Wallet. Each event segment is crafted to offer deep dives into the latest blockchain developments, unparalleled networking platforms, fresh connections, and insights into cutting-edge trends and breakthroughs in blockchain technology.

Agenda for UBW’24:

  • DOUBLETOP Meetup on June 20;
  • The third Solana Community Meetup on June 21, hosted at the UNIT.City Innovation Park in building B12;
  • An Investment-focused Meetup on June 22;
  • The ETH Kyiv Hackathon from June 21-23, aiming to unite over 200 developers, mentors, judges, and speakers in a collaborative environment;
  • Ethereum Community Pre-Party on June 22;
  • The Incrypted Online Marathon from June 21-22, featuring a panel session and an online conference, streamed live on Incrypted’s YouTube channel;
  • The flagship Incrypted Conference 2024 on June 23, expected to bring together more than 2000 attendees, 20 distinguished speakers, 30 innovative companies, and over 100 media entities.

Please note that some event dates may be subject to change. For the latest information, visit the official website of the Ukrainian Blockchain Week 2024.

The previous year’s Incrypted Conference was a landmark event, bringing together leading figures from the Web3 domain and representatives from the Ukrainian government.

Speakers for the Incrypted Conference 2024 include:

  • Austin Federa, the Strategy Lead at the Solana Foundation;
  • Anton Dzyuba, the visionary CEO and Co-founder of the DOUBLETOP project;
  • Nelson Lopez, the Global Head of Human Resources at exchange;
  • Igor Pertsiya, the Founder and Managing Partner of the Hypra fund;
  • Dmytro Vorotyntsev, the pioneering Head of the Trust Wallet cryptocurrency wallet platform.

Keep an eye on further announcements from Incrypted as more speakers and specifics about the Ukrainian Blockchain Week 2024 are unveiled.