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Bitcoin Conference to Bring Star-Studded Lineup of Speakers to Hong Kong on Dawn of Historic ETFs

Bitcoin Conference to Bring Star-Studded Lineup of Speakers to Hong Kong on Dawn of Historic ETFs

Anticipation is mounting in Asia’s vibrant heart as Hong Kong’s financial authorities have recently given the green light to spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), marking a significant step forward in the city’s ambition to be a regulated Bitcoin hub. This pivotal move comes as Hong Kong prepares to host global Bitcoin enthusiasts at the Bitcoin Asia Conference, highlighting the city’s role in the next wave of financial innovation.

Set to take place at the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal in Hong Kong from May 9 to May 10, 2024, the Bitcoin Asia Conference is a landmark event, signaling a new chapter in finance. It aims to assemble leading minds and key influencers from the sector to delve into what the future holds for finance, set against the backdrop of Hong Kong’s innovative regulatory achievement. The event is expected to feature a stellar roster of speakers, thought-provoking sessions, and unmatched networking opportunities.

Gaining Wisdom from Sector Pioneers

Bitcoin Asia offers a rare chance to obtain insights directly from some of the sector’s most esteemed pioneers and thought leaders. These experts will share their deep insights and experiences, providing attendees with a comprehensive view of the digital asset landscape, both within Hong Kong and on a global scale.

“Hong Kong is at the forefront of integrating Bitcoin into financial enterprises with its new Spot ETF. Bitcoin Asia will spotlight top entrepreneurs, ETF issuers, funds, developers, and miners from the APAC region.”

Alex McShane, Director of Programming at Bitcoin Conference

Speakers Include:

  • Johnny Ng, Legislative Council Member, advocates for forward-thinking virtual asset policies and contributes to a regulatory environment that nurtures digital asset innovation and growth.
  • Han Tongli, CEO and CIO of Harvest Global Investments Limited, has been instrumental in launching Hong Kong’s Bitcoin spot ETF, which merges cryptocurrency with conventional finance.
  • Casey Rodarmor, the brain behind Ordinals and Runes protocols, is pushing the envelope in blockchain technology, setting new precedents in decentralized systems.
  • Elizabeth Stark, CEO and Founder of Lightning Labs, is at the helm of transforming Bitcoin transactions worldwide, emphasizing scalability.
  • Jack Kong, Director of Hong Kong Cyberport, is steering Hong Kong’s tech future, cultivating an innovative and growth-centric ecosystem.
  • Rex Zhou, Cofounder & Chief Engineer of Magic Eden, is pioneering secure crypto transaction solutions, enhancing the digital asset exchange experience.
  • Jademont Zheng, Founding Partner of Waterdrip Capital, propels the Bitcoin startup ecosystem with strategic investments, fostering industry growth and innovation.

Featured Sessions:

  • Bitcoin Financialization in Hong Kong: A session on the historic endorsement of Bitcoin ETFs and its implications for Hong Kong as a premier Asian financial hub.
  • From Ordinal to Market: An exploration of the journey from idea to market implementation within the Bitcoin ecosystem.
  • Relay Policy Revolt: Insights into Bitcoin mining dynamics and strategies for maximizing profits.
  • Digital Assets, Gaming & The Future of Bitcoin: A look at how the gaming sector influences Bitcoin’s adoption and innovation.
  • Bitcoin DeFi: Protocol Layer: An examination of the DeFi space on the Bitcoin protocol layer, highlighting new developments and opportunities.
  • Layer 2 Venture Capital: Discussions on the investment landscape for Bitcoin’s Layer 2 solutions, focusing on scaling opportunities.

The full agenda is now available on our website. Secure your spot now and enjoy a 10% discount with the code “HKPR” at checkout.

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