How do we serve ads?

When the visitors enter the web site where our ad units are placed, our engine chooses the most relevant material for them. But before showing the advertisement to visitors, the ad engine checks numerous parameters while the page is being loaded on the visitors’ browser. The choice of the ad is based on numerous factors like: advertiser’s bid, visitors’s interests and preferences, the topic of the website of the publisher, the topic of the ad, etc. And based on the analysis the system gets, we choose the ad, which will be the most suitable for them.

The choice of an ad shall be made by means of our algorithms within milliseconds. At the same time, the system filters the vast part of bogus impressions through runtime anti fraud system described below

Control over the quality of impressions

The mission of BitMedia is to provide the advertisers with the transparent way to buy ads, so that they could pay for the impressions of the genuine quality. Each impression of passes three steps of verification:

the runtime verification the traffic control from the third parties post verification of traffic manual moderations of impressions and clicks

In course of such verification we filter bots, hidden ad impressions, paid traffic fraud etc. The advertisers won’t pay for the traffic of the bad quality and even if inappropriate impressions are detected, the customers will get a refund.

Please bear in mind that BitMedia is responsible only for technical conformity and the quality of traffic. If your landing page does not have as much registrations as you wish, unfortunately we cannot solve this issue and no refund can be provided in this case. Please have a look at our terms to avoid further misunderstanding.

Targeting settings

You are free to choose the place for your ad yourself. Just check the list of our publishers and select those you would want to work with and buy ads from them. Or rely on our algorithms and we will find the best place for your ads, based on visitors’ interests and the websites they visit.

Advertisers are free to change targeting settings when the ads are already active. Furthermore, we provide our customers with the possibility to track sources and blacklist those, they do not like.

When setting up your campaign, you may also choose the following targeting settings:

Geo targeting.

Regions or countries where the ad will be shown.

Device targeting.

Ads can be displayed either on mobile or on desktop devices.

Daytime targeting.

The ad will be displayed during the specific hours.

Frequency capping.

The number of times the ad will be displayed to the visitors of the website

Ad rerun.

Specify when your ad will be shown to the visitor after he has already clicked on it.