1. Create account on BitMedia.IO
Acivate it by following the link you receive on your email.

Failed to receive a letter? - check the correctness of the email address you have specified. We also advise that you used trusted email services like Gmail or Yahoo.

If still you did not succeed in getting the email, please contact the support team.

2. Create a campaign
Choose the name for campaign. It will be displayed in the list of your campaigns.
3. Set up limits and adjustments for campaigns
Choose targetting settings. among our targetting settings are
Geo targeting
You may choose regions or countries where the ad will be shown.
You can also exclude some countries.
Device targeting
Your ads can be displayed either on mobile or on desktop devices.
You may also choose that your ad displayed on both desktop and mobile devices.
Daytime targeting
The ad will be displayed during the hours you specify.
Frequency capping
Choose the number of times the ad will be displayed to the visitors of the web site.
Ad return
Specify when your ad will be shown to the visitor after he has already clicked on it.
4. Create ads
We offer text and graphical ad formats.
Graphical ads can be either static or dymanic image. Upload as many ad formats as possible, because the more image sizes you have, the more impressions you are likely to get.
Choose the click price. Our minimum click price is 0.0000205 BTC, but you can choose a higher bid. The higher bid you choose, the more impressions your ads will get.
When you finish, click create an ad and your advertisement will be sent to the administrators for a revision. Your ads will be approved within 24 hours.
5. Top up your main account.
Charge some BTC on your BitMedia account. You can manage the main account as a wallet, i.e. top up campaigns, withdraw funds.
6. Top up your campaign.
You can transfer funds from your main account. You can transfer all funds to the campaign, can split funds between campaigns or can transfer a part of the balance to the campaign.
7. Activate ads.
relax and enjoy while we work for you.

Easy and explicit way of buying ads

The most efficient ways of targeting traffic

Convenient payments

Control and tracking of the click sources

Involved audience

High quality traffic only

Effective ads at affordable prices

Responsive support

Every advertiser is welcome to enjoy the highest quality of advertising. Access the best audience, most detailed stats and modern technologies.
Join us and boost your bitcoin business!
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