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maximize income. optimize expences.

BitMedia.IO is a simple, efficient and smart solution in bitcoin advertising. Furthermore, it drives real results.

SIMPLE With our convenient interface and various ad formats it will take you only couple minutes to set up a campaign and become the talk of the town.

EFFICIENT Strict control over the traffic grants high quality service and truly engaged audience. You either get real impressions and pay for real clicks or you don`t pay anything at all.

SMART Our cutting edge big data technologies are the main assistant in increasing the revenue and minimising expences of publishers and advertisers.

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We stand out because we offer

External traffic quality control

Control the quality of your clicks yourself width our up-to-date source tracking systemand anti-fraud features and get an access independent external reports about the traffic quality.

Guaranteed impression

Count only real ads, which the visitor has actually seen an improve your conversion.

Clear interface
and detailed statistics

Be at home with BitMedia.IO . We work on every button to save your time and provide you with simple and convenient reports about your audience.

Convenient payments

Top up your balance or with draw funds whenever and wherever you want. All transactions are made in Bitcoins, but if you want to pay in another way, contact the support team.

Personalized attention

You will never be left in the cold. We will answer all your questions and help to solve your issue with pleasure.

Fair pricing

Choose the price determined on a supply/demand basics and change it whenever you want. Our action system will automatically tell you when it's to high or to low.

Handy work with publishers

Select the publishers you like and work with them directly through BitMedia. Or rely on our algorithms that will place your ads at the most suitable places.

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