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Adaptable smart banners make your bitcoin ads more attractive and give you greater interaction with the audience, sourced via our bitcoin advertising network.

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Be it an animation or changing blocks of text, this interactive and therefore attention-grabbing format lets you pack more information into a bitcoin ad.

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Place banners of all possible sizes within our publisher network, expand your customer base and increase profits.

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Reach millions of crypto savvy visitors by placing seamless bitcoin ads within our handpicked publisher network

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Flexible pricing models

CPC or CPM, whatever! We want your budget to work effectively whatever the goals of your bitcoin ad campaign are.

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Customised targeting

Particular crypto audience of any kind, and many other targeting settings, will make your ads reach the right customer.

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High-end publisher placement

Get total control over where your crypto ads are displayed, by selecting from top performing sources on our crypto ad network.

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Increase your income by using Bitmedia network as well as our custom ad inventory

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We support your growth

Whether you are a publisher or an advertiser, Bitmedia’s team will help you to get started! We’ll walk you through the platform, help to achieve marketing objectives and even design your ads for you if the need comes.

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Improve your revenue by using Bitmedia crypto advertising network as well as our custom ad inventory

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Hundreds of advertisers

30 000 ad campaigns served and counting. When you publish bitcoin ads from our platform, you get the best performing solution and superior user experience for your audience.

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Earnings management

With Bitmedia bitcoin advertising network we leave it up to you to decide how much you want to make from publishing ads.

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Custom publisher tools

Do you have your own advertisers but need a SaaS solution for management and statistics? Bitmedia’s ad inventory has all of these within its coin network platform.


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Bitmedia is the most reliable Ad marketplace in the cryptocurrency space. In comparison with their competitors, it is where we get the best leads and the lowest cpm. The quality of those leads are in line which what we're looking for.

Brais Méndez, Marketing Manager, Stake
Brais Méndez

Marketing Manager, Stake

Been working with Bitmedia for a few months now. So far everything is great. I’m satisfied with the traffic quality, Bitmedia’s prices and conversion rate. What I love the most in Bitmedia it’s their approach to the customers, our account manager Oksana always does a great job, she helps me every time I need some assistance, she’s always online and promptly reacts on each of the messages which is crucial sometimes when I want to urgently do something with the ads. Keep up the good work, Bitmedia team, so far you are doing just great!

Max, Advertising Manager,

Advertising Manager,

I'm pretty satisfied with the kind of users we got from bitmedia and would like to launch a campaign with a higher budget.

Nishan, Owner, Crypterium

Owner, Crypterium

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a crypto ad network?

A crypto and Bitcoin ad network acts as a merchant link between advertisers looking for advertisement space appropriate to your brand, and publishers who want to monetise your resources. As an advertiser, we connect you with publishers that fit your goals and budget to ensure that your adverts are seen by as many of the right people as possible, helping to maximise your exposure in the right quarters. Bitmedia has access to over 10,000 publications that seek crypto adverts, from the biggest crypto news sites to niche sites relating to the farthest corners of the crypto space.

The process of working with a Bitcoin ad network is simple. Advertisers create an advert on our platform and then choose whether to target outlets themselves or whether to let us do it for them. At the other end, publishers of adverts register with us to let us know which areas of the crypto space they specialise in (if any), what kind of adverts they can run and what their typical audience is.

Bitmedia then matches adverts with publishers, allowing advertisers to get advertisers’ products and services seen by as many people as possible.

What is Bitmedia?

Bitmedia is a specialist in the crypto and Bitcoin ad marketplace, matching advertisers with publishers to help get your crypto adverts seen by those who are more likely to have an interest in your product or service. Bitmedia was founded in 2014 by a group of crypto enthusiasts and specialists in digital advertising and marketing, experience we have used to penetrate the crypto market, resulting in an audience reach of over 10,000 active publishers on our books.

We have been a part of the swift growth in the crypto space since our first days, serving 1,000 advertising campaigns within our first year and generating one billion monthly ad impressions by 2017. We are now one of the most highly respected crypto ad networks around, having served over 30,000 crypto and Bitcoin ad campaigns and with a monthly global unique audience reach in excess of 20 million.

Over the years Bitmedia has helped thousands of advertisers find the perfect outlets for their crypto ads, with our tailored solutions offering a high performance crypto ad services and superior user experience for your audience.

Not only is our audience reach among the highest in the crypto space, our feature-rich platform is extremely easy to use. Adverts are highly customisable, with the ability to target specific devices, locations and timespans, and you can adjust your budget with just a single drag of a mouse.

There is a reason so many blockchain projects and companies choose crypto ad networks like Bitmedia to launch a new Bitcoin ad campaign and expand their advertising horizons.

Is it legal to advertise crypto?

The question of whether it is legal to advertise crypto products and services depends on many factors, including the medium you want to advertise through and the countries in which the adverts will appear. For example, someone wanting to advertise crypto on Facebook will need to meet the platform's tough requirements, which includes having one of a set of specific licences from a set list of countries.

Some countries, such as the UK, have clamped down hard on bitcoin and crypto advertising in recent years, with ads that were overly complex, assumed too much prior knowledge from the reader/viewer and didn’t clearly state the risks of engaging in crypto products being banned.

Thankfully, Bitcoin advertising sites such as Bitmedia are experts in treading this fine line and can advise you on not just where your crypto ads should go, but how to avoid them being flagged by advertising watchdogs. Bitcoin advertising sites always keep abreast of the latest developments in the advertising regulatory space, so you can be sure that we are very well placed to help your crypto ads stay on the right side of the law.

Where can I run crypto ads?

Yes - running ads for crypto is the reason we get up in the morning! While you can do it yourself, it’s easier to post ads for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency through a crypto advertising network like Bitmedia, which works with you to match your crypto ad campaign up with the most suitable publishers.

If you’re looking to run ads for crypto through Bitmedia, you’ll find out just how easy the whole process is and how accurate the results of a crypto advertising network can be. This is thanks to our smart algorithm that shows ads to relevant users only, as wellas conducting deep learning of advertisers’ behaviour in order to better improve the algorithm.

We provide support for both CPC and CPM campaigns, allowing you real flexibility when running crypto ads. Our platform is intuitive and easy to use yet extremely powerful, generating much better results than those that don’t use a crypto advertising network.

Can I advertise Bitcoin and other crypto on Bitmedia?

We have been helping to advertise Bitcoin since we started out in 2014, so it’s something we know a lot about. There are thousands of outlets out there who love to advertise Bitcoin, and Bitmedia works with over 7,000 of them to bring their advertising space to your Bitcoin product and service creators.

There are plenty of Bitcoin adverts around, both online and in the real world, with seemingly more and more growing each year. Even sports stadiums, teams and shirts carry Bitcoin advertising now, so it’s certainly something that is becoming more accepted.

Advertising Bitcoin is not legal everywhere and in every circumstance however, but this is where a Bitcoin ad network like Bitmedia can help. We know the Bitcoin advertising regulatory situation inside and out, so we can advise you on what your bitcoin adverts should and shouldn’t say in order to ensure that your Bitcoin adverts comply with local guidelines.

If you want to advertise Bitcoin products or services, a Bitcoin ad network like Bitmedia can help you expand your audience reach massively, targeting the right publishers for your product and making sure that your budget is extremely well spent.

How to promote crypto projects?

There are two ways you can advertise your Bitcoin business - you can either do it yourself, or you can utilise the services of a Bitcoin advertising network like Bitmedia. For those who like the best bang for your buck, using a Bitcoin advertising network is by far the better option because. Bitmedia has a pool of over 10,000 crypto publishers with whom we can match your adverts, meaning that your campaign can be tailored to an audience that will have the biggest impact.

Advertising your Bitcoin business with Bitmedia is easy. Once you’ve created an account you can get to work creating your first campaign, setting price limits and traffic adjustments, such as geo targeting, device targeting, airtime targeting and more. Then you can choose who sees your advert - you can do a comprehensive post, target specific publishers yourself or you can allow Bitmedia’s experienced professionals to find the most suitable publishers for you. Once this is done you can create your ad, choose the click price, top up your BTC account, and submit. Your Bitcoin business ad will be within 24 hours. Simple!

This simplicity is one of the many reasons crypto advertisers prefer to use a a Bitcoin advertising network than going it alone.

Can I promote other crypto projects (NFT, Metaverse, GameFi)?

Like any subject matter, advertising crypto and other crypto-related products will work best if you target the right audience. The cryptocurrency crowd is typically a very niche sector of society, and so the question of where you can advertise crypto has to be very carefully considered and researched.

You can either do this yourself by researching the right publications and targeting them directly, or you can advertise through a crypto ad network and have instant access to some of the biggest and most suitable crypto outlets on the internet. Advertising crypto through a crypto ad network is an easy, convenient way of maximising your audience reach, with our tools and market penetration allowing you to advertise crypto products to the right audience in just a few minutes.

As a premiere crypto ad network, Bitmedia can advertise crypto services and products across thousands of outlets that match your subject matter and budget. Of course, we also help with Bitcoin advertising for publishers, ensuring that publishers fill their advertising space with adverts suitable to their subject or niche.

Can I run crypto ads on Google ads?

Bitmedia can run crypto ads on Google Ads, but Google puts certain conditions on crypto adverts that must be met before we can do so. Google says that crypto products, landing pages and ads from advertisers “must meet all local legal requirements of the country they want to get certified for”, which is the same process operated by Facebook and other social media platforms.

Bitcoin advertising networks also need to ensure that any companies wanting to advertise through Google Ads advertise through Google Ads</Link> must have a licence from the target country before an advert can be placed. This is to ensure that all crypto ads on Google Ads are from legitimate entities. The advertiser must also be certified by Google itself, which is something else that Bitcoin advertising networks and their clients alike need to be aware of.

At Bitmedia we are naturally well aware of the requirements for running crypto ads on Google Ads and have helped hundreds of companies navigate them successfully, ensuring that your products and services are seen by the hundreds of millions of people who use Google every day.

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