How to become a Bitmedia’s publisher

Welcome to Today we want to tell you how to become our publisher and start monetizing your crypto website.

1. Personal information


Click on"Become a publisher" button.

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Please, let us know your contact details for further friendly and efficient communication. In particular, write down your name, and phone number and choose the country of residence. Then move to the contact section and select the one you prefer.

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Scroll down and read Fraud Notice and Bitmedia Standards of Traffic Quality carefully, choose 'I agree', if you are.

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Press “Continue”.

2. Website information

Now, you can proceed with the Website information. Please, let us know as many details as you can. Read carefully Some suggestions for applicants before you start filling the form.

Scroll down to start filling the form. Provide your full website URL starting from https://


Select the number of monthly pages views

website imaformation image


Please carefully read "Some suggestions for applicants" and proceed with the form.


Select the category and subcategories. In total, you can select up to 5 subcategories.

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If you haven't found the right subcategory, please select “Other” and write down your own subcategory.


Press “Continue”.

3. Audience insights

Hooray! You're one step closer to start cooperating with us! Select the main website language and proceed with the GEOs. You may choose up to 5 geos you want to target.

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website top geo image

Examine our Partnership terms and select I agree, if you are.


Press "Submit Application".

"Thank you for submitting your application!

Our Team will review and will get back to you shortly"

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Please note, the team verifies all the websites with scrutiny. The verification could take some time but we'll send you an email with the results.

How to add an additional crypto website to the Bitmedia database

Welcome to the publishers' family of Bitmedia. Click on “Publisher” and start your journey to earn with us!

Sources button is designed to check your each website status with us. Click on it to see the website's list and their activities' status.

sources list image

You can see the title, description, and status. If you want to add a new website to cooperate with us, you may add it here.


Click on the +New Source button and proceed with form filling as you did with your first application with us.

new source image


Complete the form, submit your application and wait for the Team's response after verification.

Happy journey with Bitmedia network!