Advertising requirements

Technical requirements for HTML5 banners

  1. Banners should be added as a ZIP.
  2. The size of the archive must not exceed 3 MB.
  3. The archive may contain one HTML file (index.html should be at root of archive) and some other files in the following formats: JS, CSS, JPG, GIF, PNG, SVG or fonts.
  4. Directory names as well as file may only contain the following: -._~ , numbers and Latin letters.
  5. Banner ad must contain all links that will relative paths in the archive. The ad must not contain any external network access. All supporting JavaScript libraries must be added together with the banner ad in the archive in case when this is needed.
  6. Irritating or harmful script behavior is strictly prohibited to use. The examples of such a behavior may be as follows: calls for the spontaneous opening of pop-up windows, change of page addresses, etc. The use of browser extensions (flash/java and others) is also not allowed.
  7. The ad banner must not lead to confusion (obfuscation).
  8. The banner is assumed to show the similar and uniform behaviour in all environments, on all platforms, whenever it is opened and this should be so during the course of the campaign
  9. The ad banner must meet the requirements for CPU usage.
  10. There should be an HTML Document that follows W3C standards.
  11. The elements of the HTML5 must have variable widths similar to what convention banner ads must follow.